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Which is More Noble; Veganism or Pro-life?

It is not a linear issue. I can see the justification in both sides. So for me, it boils down to intention. When one carries a noble intention towards all of life, then they will be guided by the highest directive; which comes from within the depth of their own beingness.

I have had an […]

The Gift of Engagement

Alternative to Black Friday

In times past, a feast was a celebration at the end of a bountiful harvest. Starvation was a real threat and so when there was plenty to assure the survival through the winter, it was a great accomplishment. Every seed, every plant, every crop and every piece of meat was doted […]

What Love Can Do

I will listen to and help anyone I can regardless if it is a person, animal or foliage. Yes, plants speak as well as animals if someone is listening. If no one listens, I am not certain if they speak so much. Maybe they give up being heard, just like people and pets do. Some […]

Online Dating Scammers

The way society has progressed, people looking for a love interest are almost forced to search on-line dating sites to meet someone. It is the most convenient means of finding someone without stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

Online dating sites are a useful tool and many have found a long term relationships from visiting […]

A New Approach to Healthy Living ~ The Thought Diet

I have a great plan to help people lose weight, avoid bouts of depression and to help them in relationships and with their over-all well being. Rather than being concerned with all the outer stimuli in your environment, how about if you paid total attention to how you process it.

For instance, every time you […]