The Second Session

I don’t remember all my clients. There is so much information flowing through that it seems impossible to keep track unless they come to me regularly. And even then I sometimes have trouble. It varies from client to client. I have this regular client with which it has become a Running amusement. As many sessions as she has done with me, I always just blank her out and have to ask if it is her first session with me. But as soon as I remember what occurred in one session, I remember everything. It is like I keep invisible notes on the session. Most clients don’t mind and actually prefer this. I was starting a session and had this client on the phone and I asked her if she ever had a session with me. She had. In this session, she said that wanted to focus on her dynamics with her husband and child. I tried to remember her so I asked what we had worked on before. She told me the session was over three years ago. She had come to me because she wasn’t having any periods at all and it was a concern. But now she was coming […]

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Weekly Remote Group Sessions

The Weekly Remote Group Sessions on Female Empowerment hosted by Jen Ward are amazing!! I feel & love the expansion, truth, shifts, all the visuals, awareness, & more that happens as Jen Ward imparts truth, clears stagnant energy with her unique sounds, leads us through taps, & more. I can feel the blending of all our energy & it growing in strength to reach more & farther. And to FEEL the taps as we do them then seeing the effects of them manifesting in the world is a feeling that’s hard to put into words……PRICELESS!!! These sessions are POWERFUL, ENLIGHTENING, and EMPOWERING!! Jen Ward gives everything she has IN ALL MOMENTS to uplift ALL OF HUMANITY!! I have been honored to participate in these sessions and help humanity. And to grow with Jen Wards guidance…….LOVE IT!!! Thank you Jen Ward

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Real Time Help For Bird Kind

Hi Jen, Robin family help needed. If u have time, could u talk to mama Robin? We just had to move her nest with wee babies in it b/c the water co is coming to dig and fix a leak in the water main Friday AM. Right now she’s on the ground looking for them. It’s about 25′ from where she had it, a lateral move on the other side of the front steps. I’m trying to talk to her with pictures. You’re more i you’re more ‘in-tune’. Thx. working on it ‘ I think mama left. I moved the nest back and no mama. my rehabbed friend said to bring them in before dusk and use a heating pad on low to warm them. Feed them milk with sugar or squisshed blueberries to hydrate them. Then solid food with teasers. I have never been so nervous. And I feel so bad for mama. Me too. Please love them. I will help warm and heal them ‘   thank You very much, Jen. ❤ I hope she has another brood. Me too YOU HELPED!!!!! SHe just went in and fed gem!!!!!!! OMG! Now I am waiting to hear where to […]

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Have a long heart to heart talk with your fat cells. Thank them for protecting you when you were feeling vulnerable. Tell them that you are strong now and can take care of yourself. Give them permission to shrink down in stature, recede to the background and sleep. Have a talk with your muscle cells. Give them a pep talk. See them as a little regime of soldiers that have gone soft and undisciplined. Line them up at attention and see them training to be a strong force in the body. See them as strong marines. Have a talk with your excretory cells. See them as a waste management company. Have a meeting with them that they need to be more efficient. Tell them that they are leaving waste on the streets. Stamp each cell with the little logo of a waste management company on them so that they know their job. Have a talk with the public transport system of your body. This is all the veins and arteries carrying blood through the body. Tell them that they have been missing stops on the route and to make sure that every molecule of oxygen is carried to its rightful […]

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Simply to Love

Since I feel the pain and emotional issues of other people as a cloud of stagnant energy, I can release it by blowing it away. This is one way that I assist others. Since I am able to release other people’s issues with my sensitivities and all the techniques that I have accrued and developed, I stretch my capabilities to take it further. Since I don’t need to be in the same space as someone to assist them, I can assist anyone anywhere. Since I don’t need to know someone to assist them I can release anyone that I sense. Since I don’t constrict my perceptions to just individuals, I am able to expand my consciousness to embrace everyone in the whole world. Since I can release more than one soul at a time, I can release everyone at once. I can do this by perceiving them as a group or releasing the world as a single soul. Since time and space are illusions, I am able to release every soul from any era in the present moment. Since I can love one soul, I can love all souls. I choose to pour infinite Love into every single soul everywhere and […]

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