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Where Do you Go?

I was attacked on a dear friend’s page today. He recovered his health and was very excited about the news. I was excited too. I had done a massive healing on him for the issue. It is what I do. He didn’t know I had physically but energetically he gave permission. On the surface he […]

Testimonials for The Do What You Love Diet

“It seems like my entire life has been lived on a diet. Now, in little over a year, I have lost sixty-four pounds to date and am keeping the weight off…Thank you Jen. I couldn’t have done it without you.” – M. M., New York

“After reading Jen’s insights and doing the taps and techniques […]

Taps to Free Jesus

What I share in my shamanic healing work feels tapped into truth to such a degree that it is palpable in the world. The energetic work we do in group sessions seems to be creating a shift in the world to support higher awareness. It is like creating a surreal stillness that all others are […]

The Reason Why People Hate

In a very abstract way, it is easy to understand why people hate. The feelings off love and hate register as the opposite of what they really are. The feeling of hate seems to fill one up. The feeling of love to the novice seems to bring a feeling of expansion; which the human consciousness […]

Taps For Love to Prevail

(Say each statement 3 ties while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) “We snuff out power; in all moments.” “We declare ourselves surrogates for love; in all moments.” “We release being bombarded by power; in all moments.” “We release being seduced into power by fear; in […]