God With Us

You don’t have to send Love to others. All you have to do is immerse yourself in Love and envision all others with you. That is how we are all connected. It isn’t about diminishing your energy by sending it out of yourself. You concentrate it by standing in a pool of it. This works with other concepts of God as well. You don’t connect with God by sending energy out of yourself and hoping it will connect. Stand in your center and know that is where God is. That has been the big lie: that you have to do something, be something, or strive for something to be immersed in God. It is the opposite. You must stand totally in your center, confident and aware to receive God. Realize that you are already immersed in God. It is the last place people have looked. The only thing that separates us from God is the belief that we need to find it somewhere other than inside us. It is the same principle as looking for your glasses all over the place and realizing that they were on your head the whole time. Enlightenment is that ah-ha moment of realizing where God […]

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Devastated by God

I don’t think people realize the devastating ramifications that the concept of God has done to the psyche of the world. Even In the present day, most of the hatred, fighting, and wars are fought because we see God differently than the opposing side. This is not a new phenomenon. The holy wars lasted thousands of years and many genocides were committed in the name of God. The bible says that man was made in God’s image, but they switched it around. God was made in man’s image; petty and possessive. When I see an atheist, I respect their journey. Seeing the Akashic records of people, I see the torment that was caused in so many of us because we were not in step with the concept of God at the time. Many, if not all of us were tortured, ostracized, humiliated, enslaved and made to fight for the concept of God at one time or another. Some of us can look at those today who are killing in the name of their true God and see only a couple of degrees of separation between current events and our own personal journey on our path to enlightenment. The concept of […]

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Feeling Unworthy

I have had sessions with many people who feel unworthy. It may not show on the surface as “poor me”, but it shows up in an innate belief that they are unique and unable to access happiness. When all other relationships and ideals are stripped away, there is an underlying belief that God doesn’t love them. Think about all the teachings that label a sinner if they don’t strictly comply to the guidelines of behavior that their religious sect has adopted. In past lives, it was a strict form of discipline to excommunicate those who did not comply with the rigid moral code of God’s Will. Many of my clients have suffered with being labelled a sinner, being damned, ostracized or convinced that they were doomed to brimstone and hellfire forever. May the following taps bring a sense of liberation and an expansion within. (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release the belief that I am a sinner, in all lifetimes. I release the trauma of being damned, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that I am damned, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that […]

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As children, we think our parents are the authority on all of life. This is a child’s absolute. It keeps them comforted in their role as a child. It is a difficult transition sometimes for the growth of the child but they must outgrow deferring to their parents to be healthy and continue to thrive. This includes thinking on their own, making their own decisions and taking the next step into self-responsibility. A child can continue to have a healthy respect and admiration for their parents but must always forge on into adulthood. This analogy directly correlates with our spiritual beliefs. Most people are like children in their relationship with God. They defer to what they have been told and do exactly what has been dictated to them as the ultimate truth from a third party. Yet, like a teenager, the promptings from within will let them know when the need more responsibility in their relationship with God. It doesn’t mean they have to leave their spiritual ‘home” But maybe it is time to take on a bit more responsibility around the house. A way to do this is to simply challenge everything you know in a respectful way. What […]

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Poking a Stick at Atheists

Some people, like myself believe that God is the force of Love and we are Love personified to the level that we choose to be. I have been fortunate to be shown the opposite of Love in every way imaginable so I am capable of discerning Love and God for myself. What I think of as loving would not be considered loving to someone else. To me, truth is loving; even if it is hurtful. I have come to this because I have been deceived in every way imaginable and know that deceit is not Love. Even if there is an ulterior motive of protecting one’s feelings, to me, it is not loving because to me ulterior motives are the opposite of Love. Others may enjoy flattery and adulation and will call it worship.. But I see adulation and flattery as a subtle form of manipulation. My intelligence is insulted when people think I would care about such things. Why would God want such a waste of energy attributed to Him/Her/It. What do I call God that hasn’t been used in vain, to damn others or just to curse in self-indulgence? I have facilitated sessions for clients whose past lives […]

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