God With Us

You don’t have to send Love to others. All you have to do is immerse yourself in Love and envision all others with you. That is how we are all connected. It isn’t about diminishing your energy by sending it out of yourself. You concentrate it by standing in a pool of it. This works […]

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Devastated by God

I don’t think people realize the devastating ramifications that the concept of God has done to the psyche of the world. Even In the present day, most of the hatred, fighting, and wars are fought because we see God differently than the opposing side. This is not a new phenomenon. The holy wars lasted thousands […]

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Feeling Unworthy

I have had sessions with many people who feel unworthy. It may not show on the surface as “poor me”, but it shows up in an innate belief that they are unique and unable to access happiness. When all other relationships and ideals are stripped away, there is an underlying belief that God doesn’t love them. Think about […]

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As children, we think our parents are the authority on all of life. This is a child’s absolute. It keeps them comforted in their role as a child. It is a difficult transition sometimes for the growth of the child but they must outgrow deferring to their parents to be healthy and continue to thrive. […]

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