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Freeing the Ancient Ones

Thoughts, beliefs, and faith can keep you from heaven if they prevent you from embracing the fluidity of the moment and who you are as a spiritual being. This is likewise true of self-deprecation or the belief that you are not empowered, as well as personality worship.

Jesus never said he was the only son […]

Open Letter to DCCC or How the Democratic National Party is Playing “Chicken” with Our Country


Dear DCCC,

You keep sending me e-mails asking for my support and a donation. You are using scare tactics of how devastating a world with Trump as president will be. You try to shame me into giving more support to you by telling me that President Obama and even Michele and Vice president Joe […]

Powerful Taps to Bring Freedom to All

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it 4th time while tapping on your chest) “We declare ourselves surrogates for all life in doing these taps; in all moments.” “We release being used as energy generators; in all moments.” “We release being procured to be energy generators; in all moments.” […]

Why I can’t Watch The Ellen Show

Like everyone else, I love Ellen. But I can’t watch her show. A popular segment makes me very anxious inside and I figured out why. When Ellen gives away the really generous gifts to the people in need, it is hard for me to watch. Not because I am jealous of the people receiving the […]

World Salvation

People think what they are seeing in politics is new. Politics are what they always have been. The illusion of their grandeur has been pulled off. The facade that has immersed people in fear and control is being pierced and dissipated. The layers of dross and confusion that have kept people from knowing; let alone […]