Taps for the Day

Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest. I release the need to be busy to feel worthy, in all lifetimes. I release feeling left out, in all lifetimes. I release the fear of being left behind, in all lifetimes. I release the fear of being different, in all lifetimes. I release relying on feelings to define me, in all lifetimes. I release relying on beliefs to define me, in all lifetimes. I release relying on others to define me, in all lifetimes. I release needing to be defined, in all lifetimes. I release the fear of being formless, in all lifetimes. I release depending on form to define me, in all lifetimes. I release the fear of being separated from my consciousness, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that I can be separate from my consciousness, in all lifetimes. I release defining life as form, in all lifetimes. It is ironic that people use possessions to keep themselves from feeling separated from the herd. Yet, as more and more of us transcend, those possessions will be the very things that separate them from the herd.

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Fear has a very low vibratory rate. It resonates around the same frequency as poverty and disease. It is a bit different from war, but they share a similar spectrum. Confidence resonates at a higher frequency. It resonates closer to intelligence and abundance. If you want to attract abundance, you want to choose not to resonate with fear. Yes, you choose. The more you make conscious choices of what you resonate with, the more you will stay in the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness spectrum. In this way, you are choosing. You have always been choosing. Now you see how.

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Wield your Sword

Have you ever seen the comical image of a great warrior using a sword to slice an apple? That is what comes to mind when I see this dynamic venue of social media being used for trivial items. Truth is like the sword. Many people are afraid to share truth on their page because of what their friends and family might think. It is a gift to be able to share a higher awareness at all. Because the huge mechanisms of power in this world see truth as an annoying gnat at this point, we are able to speak somewhat freely. But that is no reason for the gnat to disarm itself. When I see people who have a dynamic essence and they play it small out of fear of the opinion of a family member, it’s like the great warrior slicing an apple with a sword. Sure, the trivial items are a great way to connect, but if you are given a sword, there is no reason not to learn how to wield it. It would be different if everyone in the world was living in peace and was clothed and fed and disease free. But that’s not the case. […]

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Empower Love

Okay, so here is the thing: For most of our lifetimes, the world has been a big scary place that has devoured us in many ways. But now we have become savvy. Through technology and interactions, many of us are able to get an overview of the world and the limited bag of tricks that are used to overpower others and control them and we are not buying it anymore. Fear is the major controlling factor. Fear of war, fear of disease, fear of losing our security, fear of losing our quality of life. These are the swirling factors that are pumped out through the airwaves and keep us grouped together like a cluster of sheep. When we are in fear, we don’t think for ourselves or reason well. We give up our power to anything that offers solace. We give our power away. But that is where we are. We are at a precipice of deciding as a group if we are going to do the same thing that has always been done, allow the most affluent in power and wealth to seal our fate? Or are we going to think and reason for ourselves, comfort ourselves and empower […]

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Releasing the Old Work Paradigm

A lot of people wonder why they are struggling to find work. It is because “work” is an outmoded concept that is not supported by the new paradigm. If people are struggling, it is because they refuse to let go of the old paradigm of work. The new paradigm is doing what you love, and being in abundance as a result. It is about serving in joy and having that joy be part of the payment. In the new paradigm, there is more contentment in “enough”. It is less about accumulating a number in a bank account and stockpiling things; and more experiencing wealth in all the intangible ways. People want that security of a job but many are not getting it. They struggle to find enjoyable work. They are really just feeling the conflict of wanting to follow the call of living in joy, but are afraid to let go of the old paradigm. Trying to tell them is like trying to get a thrashing person who thinks they are drowning to float. Many people are on disability, not because they have nothing to offer; but because they don’t fit into the old crumbling paradigm of work. It is […]

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