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Technique For World En-Lighting-ment

See yourself as in the brilliancy of your dynamic, emanating energy body. See yourself as the vibrate luminescent energy source that a conscious energy being is. Visualize walking amongst the souls that have been so disheartened that they have forgotten how to shine. Walk amongst them and encourage them to resonate to the scope of […]

Gem Stones as Dear Friends

In past times, stones were not considered inanimate objects. They were known as sacred helpers. There were sometimes, in ancient civilizations, that only certain stations were allowed to wear certain stones. Stones were respected and those who could wear them were respected.

It was because the stones were an energy that the aware communicated with […]

Taps for Eternity

Say each statement three times out loud while tapping on the top of the head at the crown chakra, and say it a fourth time while tapping on the heart chakra, on the chest.

I release the belief that time is linear, in all lifetimes. I release being at the mercy of time, […]

Perceiving in Energy

People get angry when they don’t have a course of action. All the energy they spend to move forward backs up on them when they are angry. They stew in their own energy. When we are angry at someone, we take that anger and pour it onto a target. It is not productive because that […]

Being Vigilant at the Door

Our energy is a compilation of the energy of those with whom we engage. When we interact with people, our energies are mixing to create a new blend. When you allow people to indulge in problems when they talk with you, they are muddying your energy. This is why I am so adamant in not […]