The Upgrade to Healing

Attending Jen Ward’s first Healing Retreat this past May has me fervently looking forward to the next one in September.  It’s a kind of paradise to discover the oasis of truths she shares. “Energy healing” is something we all experience with our warm regard of the beauties and pleasures of life. My strategies and focus on well-being in general is to align with healing spiritual principles or “laws”, monitor and redirect more than occasional negative or defeating thoughts, while also faithfully expecting and relying on favorable outcomes in all my dealings with life. And the recognition of God’s love comes with the wonders of children and flowers and color and kittens and vibrant storms… the same for many other people? These contentments work well for me, until they don’t.  Sometimes a build-up of deeply lodged emotional denials (past life) seem to seek due recognition from further necessity in guarding the fortress. A few years ago I made a connection on FB with and now enjoy Jen’s many books and new website  These address all my inward asking for help from God or source.  She says it best with her prolific and informative essays covering energetic healing and personal […]

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A Glimpse of One of My Spirit Guides

I just finished receiving a session with Skye Daniels. She is one of the very few I allow to do energy work on me. Our work together is very special. During the session, she was having me tap in some form of energetic change in my system that would assist me in being more empowered with my life and work here on the planet. As we were both tapping an issue out, a man in construction garb passed my window. I saw him in the reflection of the TV. He walked right in front of my window. My cat Smudge saw him and went to the window. It was so curious that I went to the window to see what was going on. I live in the woods and my house is set back away. There was no evidence of him, or a truck or any disturbance outside. When I mentioned it to Skye, she thought it was strange, too. She checked in and was told what I suspected. This was one of my Spirit Guides that had come to assist in my session. I know they are around and helping me, but to get an outer manifestation of one […]

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Making This Lifetime Matter

One of my long time clients who does all the taps that I post recently had a dream. It depicted how the work we do in group sessions benefits everyone. In the dream, she was feeding the multitudes of people. She was feeding them all milk with their meal. Two different men of authority who had been important in her life came in the restaurant. They commented on her supply of milk being half empty. They also commented that it was diluted. She responded with confidence that she had plenty and she would be able to feed everyone. The men then did something surprising. They took out their own milk that they had skimmed off her pitcher in the past and poured it back into the pitcher. She could then feed the multitudes a more full concentrated milk. In the dream, the diluted milk represented individual’s effectiveness. It is so prevalent that the dilution isn’t even recognized. The woman feeding the multitudes was giving the individuals back their empowerment; which is what we do in the group sessions. We take back from power groups, which are energy hoarders, and give it back to the individuals. As a by-product, we are immersed […]

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Taps to Assist

Stereoscopes have illumined the Fields of View by ÉirePort gaia_energy1Stereoscopes have illumined the Fields of View. Partners of contrastings keep faith-centers. Heaviness of the Land Lords passes inspection no more. Harbingers of the Hue-Light come to the fore. Celebrations are viewed in the distance. “The distance” is here. Here are some taps to assist: (Say each statement three times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra. Say each word deliberately. They are not just words but a vibration that you are initiating to shift energy. Pause after each word. Say it in a commanding but even tone; not as a question.) “I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.” “I release being deceived by stereoscopes; in all moments.” “I withdraw all my energy from faith centers in all moments.” “I release being deceived by faith centers; in all moments.” “I release supporting faith centers; in all moments.” “I release using faith centers as a crutch; in all moments.” “I release using faith centers as a form of denial; in all moments.” […]

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Ask a Question and Get an Answer

Taylor Swift is a musical prodigy that blossomed into the young woman that we are all aware of in the media. I hear her get trashed for dating so many people and there’s a lot of belittlement of her music. I do not listen to her genre. But I like her energy. So I just tuned in to understand the bigger picture of her talent and fame. This is what I received. Healers go through an array of experiences to have the compassion and understanding to assist all that come to them. They have this greater awareness of the plights of “man”. At any point in the process they could be pulverized, and so many are, but the Light Workers, Healers, and Inspirational leaders are the ones who make it out alive. They do so by their incredible capacity to love, give, discern and to cope. They do all this while not getting lost in their own story. Thriving through their own story is a major survival tool. No great healer, Light Worker or Inspiration EVER says, “poor me.” Taylor writes about her breakups. Interesting. This is a huge part of what her songs are about. But….they are all an […]

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