Why Remember?

The reason to remember our past lives is to help us recognize how they have formulated who we are in the present moment. Every bit of fear, disdain, pain and reaction is a hiccup from a past life. If we are not resonating with absolute Joy, Love, Abundance, Beauty, and Wholeness, there is something in […]

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Being in Agreement

There is nothing that a pure intention fueled by positive energy can’t overcome. When two or more come into agreement with such a thing, it is exponential. That is what I do for others, I agree with them at their highest potential, however they express this. I am still taken back by people who argue […]

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Never Hit a Person with your Car

Everyone that is driving, knows that it is never, never, never okay to hit a pedestrian. It is inconvenient sometimes to wait for them to cross but it has to be done. There are safeguards set up for them at every turn. One can’t even nick a person with a car! Wouldn’t it be great […]

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Loving Balance

Jen and Simha

In our natural state, our energy is perpetually flowing love. There is a desire, almost a compulsion, to give and share. We hold a memory of this complete loving within our energy field and it is that to which we aspire to return. Due to trauma and fear, our loving flow diminishes to a trickle. […]

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