Why Remember?

The reason to remember our past lives is to help us recognize how they have formulated who we are in the present moment. Every bit of fear, disdain, pain and reaction is a hiccup from a past life. If we are not resonating with absolute Joy, Love, Abundance, Beauty, and Wholeness, there is something in our past that has pushed us away from being in the flow of them. It is our job to awaken and figure out what has interfered with our being in the current of the highest vibratory rate possible, and get ourselves back in the game. A painful experience is a choice. Are we going to look at it objectively to see what it is trying to show us? Or are we going to bury it back into our subconscious and throw more dirt on it? Each memory, realization, and epiphany is us standing on a precipice and deciding to be greater than we were the moment before. It is us accepting to be free. It is us throwing down the gauntlet on convention and choosing to peel away the layers. Each nugget of truth that we embrace leads us closer to our ultimate empowerment.

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Being in Agreement

There is nothing that a pure intention fueled by positive energy can’t overcome. When two or more come into agreement with such a thing, it is exponential. That is what I do for others, I agree with them at their highest potential, however they express this. I am still taken back by people who argue for the opposite. If I tell someone that they are abundant beyond compare, they will argue with me on the side of poverty. The same is true if I see happiness, health or love for someone. They will argue on the side of sadness, pain, and loneliness. It makes me tend to not put such a high intention out there for others so that they don’t have to protest so much. It is like they think that I am invalidating them. When someone gives you a compliment, accept it. When someone shares their aspirations, support them. Who is anybody to give them a reality check when all the variables are different for each person? Think of what you are literally doing when you are being the devil’s advocate.. When someone tries something new, don’t be there on the sidelines waiting for it to fail. When […]

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Never Hit a Person with your Car

Everyone that is driving, knows that it is never, never, never okay to hit a pedestrian. It is inconvenient sometimes to wait for them to cross but it has to be done. There are safeguards set up for them at every turn. One can’t even nick a person with a car! Wouldn’t it be great if people would take the same care with others feelings? What if it was never, never never okay to diminish some one or hurt their feelings or one-up them in any way. What if it was common knowledge to consider all others as pedestrians and to treat them with the utmost respect because they could be devastated by the force of a blow. That even being nicked by your comments or unkindness is unacceptable. Whenever you are interacting with others and they are talking too slow or are not interesting enough or you are just busy; think of yourself as a car and they as a pedestrian. Wait at the light for them to cross. They matter. They need to get to their destination too. And if they are on foot, have compassion for them because they are doing the best that they can.

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Loving Balance

In our natural state, our energy is perpetually flowing love. There is a desire, almost a compulsion, to give and share. We hold a memory of this complete loving within our energy field and it is that to which we aspire to return. Due to trauma and fear, our loving flow diminishes to a trickle. Our access to the energy that fuels and inspires us diminishes. We shut down to a large extent and become less effective at helping ourselves and uplifting others. Those who are trying hard to become effective again may become misguided in their sharing. They may try their best but often their sharing becomes verbal rants or emotional dumping. Since their energy flow is still introverted their sharing is based on fear or problems. When someone is in this mode of processing, try to listen to them obliquely (if you feel you must listen at all). Sympathy has a low frequency, so giving too much sympathy can actually hinder someone more than help them. A better way to help is to validate their greatness rather than their issues. Remind them of their resilient spirit and that anything that they are experiencing is temporary. They may try […]

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Request from a Friend

A friend of mine asked me to extrapolate on this beautiful poem that touches him. Love tells me I am everything, Wisdom tells me I am nothing, Between these two my life flows. ~ Nisargadatta When we Love, we open up to every experience. A stranger walking by with a look of concern on their face can bring us to weep with compassion. Every being is a reflection of an experience we have rejoiced or struggled with. Every blade of grass sings to us and every atom is a universe in itself that carries the potential to Love and be loved. I have prayed to God and a tree has answered. I have been admonished by a dandelion who I carelessly picked before her seeds where ready to parachute. I have looked at a soul and felt the depth of their struggle and have held the tears inside. All these things make living and loving so complete. One life can fill volumes of books on poetry and prose. But then to have all these experiences is to lose myself. I am not separate from the Love. I am a fluid, intricate stream of awareness and potential. I am not in […]

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