Emotional Release

Redefining Motherhood

I facilitated a session with a young woman contemplating motherhood. She had many reservations which manifested as deep confusion. The first thing that she would not admit to herself was that although she loved her husband, it was not a storybook romance. Their relationship didn’t reach the depth of fairy tale romances. She was concerned […]

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A Good Session

I recently met with a client who insists on having sessions in person. Every time we sit together I see her not as the beautiful woman others see, but the eager devoted monk that she has been in many other lifetimes. As we were sitting together, I could feel her reverence of the moment and what […]

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Using Music to Heal the Past

Sometimes songs will come to mind that we haven’t heard in years. We think it is random. But we store songs in ourselves like an mp3 player. Many times they are used to carry and store feelings into our energy field.  When we think of the song, they are releasing something we have stored. When […]

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The Physiological Exchange of Emotional Energy

It’s common sense that if one drinks a lot of water, they will have to relieve their bladder at some point. But when it comes to ingesting anger, sadness, and other “heavy” emotions, we think that they are just magically transformed. Because we can’t see them, we disconnect from the process of relieving them. Yet […]

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