Emotional Release

Redefining Motherhood

I facilitated a session with a young woman contemplating motherhood. She had many reservations which manifested as deep confusion. The first thing that she would not admit to herself was that although she loved her husband, it was not a storybook romance. Their relationship didn’t reach the depth of fairy tale romances. She was concerned about being connected for life to her husband as the father of her baby. When I tuned in, I knew that she was harboring all the feelings about motherhood. But the baby that she was carrying was a true fairy tale love. Her husband was the perfect father that would give this baby what he needed. This perspective reassured her. The next issue was all these dynamics with her mother. She did not want to be annoyed with the baby like she was annoyed with her mother her whole life. She also didn’t want to be like her mother. She identified negative traits with motherhood. I led her through a series of taps that brought some relief. But then more disturbing layers were revealed. She described the feeling of being led through her life and losing control. The imagery of a past life emerged. She […]

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Releasing Emotional Issues Of the Adopted Child

Many children who are adopted have residual feelings of rejection. I have facilitated sessions where the client was affected by emotional issues that they picked up in-utero. A fetus knows what its mother is feeling about it. It is important for a mother to send loving thoughts to the baby regardless whether she is going to keep it or put it up for adoption. A baby can feel rejection before it is born, especially if the mother was not happy about the prospect of being pregnant. People who are adopted may romanticize the idea of their birth parents. They may want to be reunited with them. In some rare cases this may happen but in most cases the longing for them seems mute. It really isn’t. Birth parents can love their children from afar. Adopted children can accept that love and try to see it as a positive element instead of something that they have lost. When we look at our lives from a broader perspective, we can realize that our parents may only be our parents this one lifetime and that whomever we are with is who the Universe arranged for us to be with. We are not inherently […]

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A Good Session

I recently met with a client who insists on having sessions in person. Every time we sit together I see her not as the beautiful woman others see, but the eager devoted monk that she has been in many other lifetimes. As we were sitting together, I could feel her reverence of the moment and what it meant. “What we are experiencing now together is what you have been searching all your lifetimes to know”, I said to her as a matter of fact. She realized the implication of my words and they resonated within her from a very deep place of longing. She convulsed into a cathartic release as all her lifetimes of struggle melted away. In our moment together, she has found the means to navigate the depth of her own vessel. Her lifetimes of search have finally reached fruition. It was a good session.

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Using Music to Heal the Past

Sometimes songs will come to mind that we haven’t heard in years. We think it is random. But we store songs in ourselves like an mp3 player. Many times they are used to carry and store feelings into our energy field.  When we think of the song, they are releasing something we have stored. When this happens, think of the song and even sing it; but let it pass through. Meaning: don’t restore the issue. Don’t lament about what was going on with you in the past when you remember hearing this song. Just let it flow through. It may feel like this never happens to you. But pay attention next time you hear an old song out of the blue. Watch the process as it plays out and maybe you will develop a different perspective on music and healing.

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The Physiological Exchange of Emotional Energy

It’s common sense that if one drinks a lot of water, they will have to relieve their bladder at some point. But when it comes to ingesting anger, sadness, and other “heavy” emotions, we think that they are just magically transformed. Because we can’t see them, we disconnect from the process of relieving them. Yet our verbiage tells us otherwise. Someone dumped on me today. I just had to talk it out. I have to bounce it off someone. I am taking in everything that you are saying. We know that there is a need to get rid of these issues. The lazy way is to dump them onto some agreeable soul. This is pure ignorance. People are hurting their friends because they are too lazy to take action to convert the stagnant energy into a more productive form. Of course some people are in a chronic state and they may need the help of a professional who is equipped to deal with their barrage of emotional energy. But the rest of us should not have to be made to feel guilty by not being a dumping ground for a friend’s issues. We should not require this of our friends. There […]

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