Ego Rising

When I started sharing my techniques here, a little voice in my head said, “Don’t share the good stuff. Save it for your book.” I have heard that voice before. I chose not to listen. I recognized it as the ego. So I countered it with, No, I will share all that I have and trust that the Universe will give me more insights to replace the ones that I have shared. This motto has been effective. I rarely run out of unique things to share. Maybe it will work for others to loosen their grip on the things they value and fear losing. Maybe by loosening their grip and opening their arms, they will be even more prepared to embrace even more of what life has to offer.

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Be a Pipeline Of Divine Light, Love, and Song Into the World

Many people feel helpless with the current state of the world. They don’t realize what a powerful conduit they are for Divine Love to be poured into the word. If everyone who is feeling helpless would forgo all worry, opinions and fears, and simply begin pouring their love into the world, it would make the profound difference they are waiting to see. The world is huge, but look what has been achieved throughout history by people like Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa, perpetually pouring their love in to fill it up. Imagine if we all poured our love into the world while going about our day! It is a characteristic of the ego to feel small and insignificant. Having a poor opinion of yourself is characteristic of having a large ego. Having a sense of your dynamic ability to uplift those in your awareness is more in balance. We have all been inspired by the child that decides to make a difference in the world and does. We have all secretly wanted to be that child, and we are. One of the reasons television can be considered so bad is that it stops our natural out-flowing of energy. So does […]

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The Cage of Human Consciousness

Have you ever seen an animal that was so used to living in a cage that they were afraid to come out? The cage seemed to provide all that they needed for so long that they couldn’t even fathom being without it. This is how we are as people. Our cage is the human consciousness. The human consciousness is such a contradiction. It emphasizes trust in things that elicit fear and are not congruent with our core values. We, in our true form, are dynamic souls bursting with love and light. Anything that is not blissful Joy is part of the cage or the process of removing ourselves from the cage. The Joy and boundless Love are waiting for us beyond the bars that we look through. Our highest form of celebration is to unbar ourselves and realize ourselves as pure expressions of love. Here are some taps to assist: (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release the fear of leaving the cage, in all lifetimes. I release the fear of existing beyond the cage, in all lifetimes. I release confusing the cage for […]

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Real Dialogue on Panic Attacks

Hi Jen! Can I ask you a question? Yep! I was wondering why I was still at the computer. So, I’ve been trying to look at my thoughts when I start to get anxious and I noticed yesterday that the trigger for me is when I start to think “I can’t” then I start to panic. I’m not sure where the fear of “I can’t” comes from, but maybe it’s related to trying to be perfect? Well, it is primal. If someone couldn’t perform, then in past lives they would be considered useless and killed. I suspected that might be the case. I was amazed by how strong a reaction I was noticing to the thought “I can’t”. Think of the Colosseum. The Christians weren’t the only ones killed. You don’t like to watch football do you? Sometimes I do, sometimes it’s too violent. Sometimes it annoys me. You have stripped away the other things to be able to look at the issue of “can’t”. Oh cool. It really is! I noticed that that seems to be the commonality in all of the situations where I start to panic. Yes. Say these taps: I release defining “can’t” as death, in […]

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Come on in! The Water is Fine!

We all exist in an ocean of Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom. We are all in perfect harmony and peace with all the other atoms in the ocean. Imagine your happiest most fulfilling experience and magnify it a million times over. This is our actual existence. In our first lifetime, we are given a little boat to maneuver around in. This is our ego. It is meant to assist us to gain perspective on the vastness of our life. But it creates a sense of separation within us. We believe we are not part of the ocean but alone, invisible and unloved. We outgrow the need for the boat. It becomes a hindrance. But the fear of being submerged without it is terrifying. So we keep riding around. The sense of separation and loneliness become unbearable. We bump into the other boats as a way to ease the isolation. We are desperate to feel connected. There comes a point when we realize that there is no joy in damaging the other boats. There is more pleasure in helping others. We help them fix their boat. We have compassion for them being so dependent on their boat. It distracts us from realizing […]

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