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Removing Energetic Toxic Mold

I have been told that there has been such a thing as energetic toxic mold that exists at the sub-physical level. It has been the contributing element that creates diseases that scientists have not been able to distinguish a cure for. This includes such issues as muscular dystrophy, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease and other neuromuscular diseases.


Silliness in Healing

A Plumber doesn’t quantify his work by saying, “I really did nothing. The pipes did all the work, I simply cleared them” A teacher doesn’t state in a parent teacher conference, “I didn’t teach little Johnny anything, he taught himself” A financial planner doesn’t have to state to their clients, “You are your own banker, […]

Healing Worksheet for Any Body Part

Your ___________is doing everything it can to help you. It is protecting you, it is stretching for you, its being used as a storage tank, its releasing toxins. Please don’t expect it to be perfect. Please don’t reject it, or blame it. Show some respect to your personal boundary and sentry in this world. Every […]

You Deserve Wellness

When one has an issue, they many times think in the worse case scenario. Even when someone is deciding whether they are coming down with a flu or something, they have to ruminate over the signs before they validate themselves by tell others they are sick.

Then they feel the need to defend those issues. […]

The Fighter

Jen and Simha

I made a house call to a woman who had received a diagnosis of cancer. I had never met her and knew no details about her. When I met her she seemed vibrant. This was interesting because usually it is obvious to me in a person’s energy when they are struggling with dis-ease.

The first […]