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Taps to Free Jesus

What I share in my shamanic healing work feels tapped into truth to such a degree that it is palpable in the world. The energetic work we do in group sessions seems to be creating a shift in the world to support higher awareness. It is like creating a surreal stillness that all others are […]

Energetic Ponzi Schemes

All of society is paralyzed in layers and layers of Ponzi schemes. Everything that puts a label on us is a form of a Ponzi scheme. They are things that not only do we unwittingly give all our energy to, we are also saddled with the issues of the members of that group as well. […]

The Sanctity of Life

The abortion issue would make more sense if it was about the sanctity of life. But it is obviously not. If those who cared so much about the life of a fetus only cared so much about the quality of life for others in their circumstances, then their hardcore stance would be more understandable.

But […]

Desecration of the Human Spirit

I am so tired of seeing pink used to represent disease. They are desecrating a whole light spectrum by doing this. Pink is the color of the astral plane. So by associating pink with disease, they are programming people to accept disease into their astral realms; which is their subconscious and dream life. This is […]

A Question on Maintaining Boundaries

Q- I find your posts on how people manipulate others very interesting. How do we stay free of this? I am a teacher, and I struggle with trying to please or being easily manipulated by students’ wants.

A- The best way to stay free of manipulation is by tuning in to your gut feelings. Do […]