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The Self-Serving Reason to Stay in the Moment

We just got off a powerful group phone session. It was so powerful that we were all knocked off the call before we were finished. A great truth was revealed during the session. I saw the trauma of one participant of many times she had struggled with crossing over and what it entailed. Crossing over […]

Releasing the Fear of Death

(Say each statement three times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra. Say each word deliberately. They are not just words but a vibration that you are initiating to shift energy. Pause […]


Shed one last tear, Watch it drop slowly, On the dross and pain you thought were you.

Say a short prayer over the remains, The crumpled casing, That you unzipped and walked out of.

Say goodbye to the embarrassment and defilement, which were your lessons. Fling yourself into the realms beyond the milky way.

Make […]

Technique to Love Those Who Have Crossed

Jen and Simha

If you have lost a pet or a person and want to give them love, send it to them by pouring love into those you have access to. It will be received by ones who have crossed over by using your tangible connections as a conduit and a surrogate.

Love is not linear so when […]

Death is the New Birth

Jen and Simha

Many people have an aversion to death, but it can be a beautiful and humbling experience. To help someone cross over in comfort and peace is the most natural and spiritual thing to do. People get confused between fighting to live and the resistance to death. They are not the same.

When the fight is […]