Crossing Over

Death is the New Birth

Jen and Simha

Many people have an aversion to death, but it can be a beautiful and humbling experience. To help someone cross over in comfort and peace is the most natural and spiritual thing to do. People get confused between fighting to live and the resistance to death. They are not the same. When the fight is […]

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Embedded Souls

I facilitated a session with a woman who was going to her home town. The initial sense was to release all her connection with it and all the karmic pulls it had on her; which we did. But the session took on a more profound aspect. In the session, I saw the earth. Just as […]

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A Spirit of the Discarnated Persuasion (politically correct word for Ghost)

On the radio they were talking about a Halloween event where there were real ghosts on the property. It was the “draw”. Being one who is privy to the pain of other beings, and having the conscious memory of being a ghost myself, I was horrified. From my vantage point; he could have talked about […]

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