The Problem with Birthdays

There is a coping mechanism that very kind people use. They have learned to just keep pouring love out to everyone. By doing so, it prevents them from going into a reflective state. I call it out flowing. I see it like a water hose of love. And just like the pure power of a fireman’s hose prevents anyone from getting near them, so it is true with this force of Love for the individual. The stronger the Love flow, the more one is protected by the force and purity of that love alone. When birthdays come around, we are asked to take the love in. It is good if one is able to keep up the flow of their “hose” while they do this. But what happens to some people is that when birthdays come around, it causes them to turn off their outflow. It makes them vulnerable. It can manifest as sadness and depression. Just knowing this dynamic may help people keep out-flowing during the anniversary of their birth. Some of us don’t have the greatest memory of birthdays. Going through the motions of celebrating may be a means of knocking us off our game. Figure out a […]

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A Tiny Fleet of Angels

A tiny Fleet of Angels Graced the World one day Seven years they walked the earth Immersed in children’s play We thought we knew their purpose ‘To nurture and uplift Each assigned a special family With which to share their gifts Each child is like a song of God A sacred Celestial tune But the music ended abruptly one day God called them home too soon Now the world feels cheated Because of what transpired How could God so cruelly take, What heaven has inspired? But The world had gone complacent Indifferent to the core With this devastating wake-up call May the golden rule be re-instored. God, as an Infinite Wisdom Set sights on something Grand To restore the milk of human kindness In the brotherhood of man These children are etched in our hearts On a canvas made of pain But where the gully of anguish is carved Their innocence remains. This tiny fleet of Angels That reawakened the heart of man Is the golden Instrument to gauge Where Peace on Earth began Jen Ward

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Insights On Adoptive Families

Many people explain a feeling of being different because they were adopted. It has caused some of them to feel like they have lost a connection with a huge part of themselves. It has caused them to overcompensate in order to feel loved or to isolate or lash out against their adoptive parents. They feel the need to test the Love. What all people need to realize is that everyone feels different or separate for one reason or another. It is the human condition. Everyone is exactly where they need to be for the most spiritual growth and that all are connected to the Universal source as much as the next person. When someone doesn’t feel connected or feel the Love it is because of something in their own belief system. The Universe always supplies unlimited Love to all; it is our willingness to accept it that could be strengthened. There is a string of Love between each mother and the child she births. In some cases, the mother has a good understanding of what circumstances she will be giving to the child and opts to pass the baby on to better circumstances. This is an act of Love. The […]

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Jenuine Answers

There seems to be a desperate need for a place to bring questions of a Spiritual nature.  It is surprising and sad how many individuals feel so isolated  because they are having certain experiences and have no means to figure out what is happening. I would like to say to them collectively,”You are not alone”. It is also sad that in this day and age, it is harder to trust who you trust.  Everyone seems to either have their own agenda, represent an agenda  or be speaking from an egotistical  point of view (however subtle that may be).  I am not saying I have all the answers, but I can tell you what MY “agenda” is. It is to walk my life’s purpose by helping others discover their life’s purpose. It is a Joy for me to hear,” I have been struggling my whole life with this and now I have an answer”‘. So, feel free to think of me as a Spiritual Dear Abby.  I will do my best to answer as many of your questions as possible.  By sending in your question, you may be helping many others who struggle with the same issue. At the very least, I am hoping that people realize that they aren’t alone in their experience. That […]

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