Technique: How to be a Hero in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have you ever been invalidated, humiliated, mocked, scorned or rejected? This is the underlying experience of most of the lone gunman who commit horrific acts on society. In them, it is perpetual and systemic. We can continue to demonize them all as mentally ill and chastise the “system” for allowing them to fall through the cracks. We can stand by helpless as we watch the power mongers link owning a gun with patriotism to get the most out of their rhetoric. We can watch while they continue to hand out guns like candy. Or we can address the issue on an energetic level so as not to feel so helpless. Go to that feeling of being invalidated and rejected. This feeling multiplied many times and continually is what it takes to lash out in such a devastating way. Use your understanding of such pain as a conduit to connect with all the lone souls out there who are feeling this way. There are so many more than you may think. DON’T GO INTO THE THOUGHT-PROCESS OR FEELINGS. Go in a very detached way. Go to all of them at once. Make your love and intention expansive enough to do so. […]

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Removing Toxic Anger

Anger is a toxic, corrosive poison that seeps into our lives in many ways. It is a byproduct of generations of invalidation and mistreatment and seeps into us directly or indirectly from others. It is as if the modern environment has shower heads of anger shooting out in all directions and we are its collecting rods and human holding tanks. How can we deal with it? There are ways to get rid of it. Recycling it into productive energy like work, service or exercise seems to be effective. But all too often, instead of being dissipated it is passed on to those around us. Or we keep pooling it within ourselves, accepting more and more from those around us and creating more space for it until we become totally explosive or withdraw into passivity. Prayer or meditation can help you rise above the level of anger, but it doesn’t dissipate the bubbling pool that already exists. Here is a technique to dissipate the anger: In contemplation, instead of avoiding the anger, go to it. Visualize a bubbling toxic pool of noxious energy within you. See it in its pure form. Look at how it has killed all life around it. […]

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Contemplation vs. Meditation

Jen and Simha

Meditation is a sacred time to commune with a deeper part of one’s self. But many people find it difficult to settle themselves to the practice. There are a few reasons for that. Some people are so filled up with their “stuff”, that is almost impossible to sit with themselves. Another issue is that these same practices have been used for many centuries and so in some of our past lives, the practice of meditation was bundled with unpleasant experiences. Meditation could be linked with starvation (fasting) or others austerities. For people who don’t resonate with meditation, may I suggest contemplation and visualization as well. Contemplation is using the imagination and making it so real that one can walk into it and leave the body through the images that they conjure up. It is using the mind as an active participant and pulling all the senses into the experience. It is using the imagination as a jumping off point into the more subtle worlds. That is why reading is so important for children of every age because it hones their imagination skills. Anything that we imagine is real in a more subtle form. But when we travel there, it can […]

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Saving the world!

What if the world’s destiny wasn’t so much written in stone as a compilation of the thoughts and actions of all its inhabitants?  What if the perceived downfall of earth was merely a self – fulfilling prophecy? Do you think that things have taken a turn for the worse and the world doesn’t seem too hopeful?  Maybe all the negative advertising, war coverage and rhetoric is finally taking a toll on us.  Maybe our personal thoughts and everyone’s personal negative thoughts need to change. Maybe that is what will bring about hope for a better outcome for the world. Many groups and individuals feel that they need to take up causes to save the world. It is good to pour passion into the world but it doesn’t have to be at the cost of another person’s freedom.  Meaning, your loving intent may be helpful but not if it relies on everyone else to get on the bandwagon too. Here is an example: Many people want you to wear a pink ribbon or fight for a cure to a disease. If you do not comply they think you are not sympathetic.  This is social peer pressure. I empathize with those who […]

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A Sense of Belonging

As humans we are primaly motivated to belong to a group. It elicits a sense of security, identity and promotes survival. In the wild, a herding animal is attacked when it separates from the herd. So the most instinctual behavior is to blend within the herd and mute ourselves so that we are camouflaged within the group. This is a great tactic for primordial survival. But what about spiritual survival?

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