Removing Toxic Anger

Anger is a toxic, corrosive poison that seeps into our lives in many ways. It is a byproduct of generations of invalidation and mistreatment and seeps into us directly or indirectly from others. It is as if the modern environment has shower heads of anger shooting out in all directions and we are its collecting […]

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Contemplation vs. Meditation

Jen and Simha

Meditation is a sacred time to commune with a deeper part of one’s self. But many people find it difficult to settle themselves to the practice. There are a few reasons for that. Some people are so filled up with their “stuff”, that is almost impossible to sit with themselves. Another issue is that these […]

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A Sense of Belonging

As humans we are primaly motivated to belong to a group. It elicits a sense of security, identity and promotes survival. In the wild, a herding animal is attacked when it separates from the herd. So the most instinctual behavior is to blend within the herd and mute ourselves so that we are camouflaged within the group. This is a great tactic for primordial survival. But what about spiritual survival?

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