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All Will Be Well

What is the greatest intention that you hold for your dearest child? Can you hold that intention for every other soul in existence? Entertaining such a noble intention uplifts humanity to a more sacred place.

We are there, in that sacred place, beyond the illusion of this play that we engage in. The more attention […]

Technique: How to be a Hero in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Have you ever been invalidated, humiliated, mocked, scorned or rejected? This is the underlying experience of most of the lone gunman who commit horrific acts on society. In them, it is perpetual and systemic.

We can continue to demonize them all as mentally ill and chastise the “system” for allowing them to fall through the […]

Removing Toxic Anger

Anger is a toxic, corrosive poison that seeps into our lives in many ways. It is a byproduct of generations of invalidation and mistreatment and seeps into us directly or indirectly from others. It is as if the modern environment has shower heads of anger shooting out in all directions and we are its collecting […]

Contemplation vs. Meditation

Jen and Simha

Meditation is a sacred time to commune with a deeper part of one’s self. But many people find it difficult to settle themselves to the practice. There are a few reasons for that. Some people are so filled up with their “stuff”, that is almost impossible to sit with themselves. Another issue is that these […]

Saving the world!

What if the world’s destiny wasn’t so much written in stone as a compilation of the thoughts and actions of all its inhabitants? What if the perceived downfall of earth was merely a self – fulfilling prophecy? Do you think that things have taken a turn for the worse and the world doesn’t seem too […]