Christmas Issues

Some people have expressed difficulty with the Christmas season. Here are some EFT taps to help: (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release dreading Christmas, in all lifetimes. I absolve myself of all Christmas Obligation, in all lifetimes. I release defining Christmas as gift giving, in all lifetimes. I release being disappointed by Christmas, in all lifetimes. I remove all expectations Christmas has put on me, in all lifetimes. I release Christmas bringing about feelings of isolation, in all lifetimes. I release being depressed at Christmas, in all lifetimes. I recant all vows an agreements between myself and Christmas, in all lifetimes. I remove all curses between myself and Christmas, in all lifetimes. I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and Christmas, in all lifetimes. I remove all the pain, burden and limitations that Christmas has put on me, in all lifetimes. I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Life and Wholeness that Christmas has taken from me, in all lifetimes. I make space in this world to enjoy Christmas, in all lifetimes. I remove all blockages to enjoying Christmas, in all […]

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The Gift of True Contentment

Although I have a huge family I have spent many holidays alone. I have been hungry and alone through many of them. When I was a child, I gushed over my slightly younger niece’s gifts as she listed them off to me. I remember her extending her arm to show me the expensive watch that she received. She innocently asked what I had received. It was my first lesson about the division of social class and realizing that I was a “have not”. Yet I was happy to see everyone, and to get to have special foods. But being around a lot of people doesn’t satiate that loneliness within. Holidays gave me the rare opportunity to dig deep to find reverence in the days. Now it is a choice if I will be around people or not. I am not caught up in this swell of unconscious excitement. I am calm and reverent and use the day when every one else, I assume is over-taxed and stressed, to tune into the real reasons to be grateful. All the beautiful decorations, a magical snowfall, a huge mass of people connected in a similar mind and state is magical. I have never asked […]

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An Exchange

Just like a good rain settles the dust on a dry day; a snow fall settles the negativity in the air. All those thought forms of shoulds, gossip, complaints, needs, must haves, must do and judgments are all weighted down to the ground and recycled back into the earth. Maybe they are another waste that our trees take and recycle for us. Maybe just as trees absorb the carbon dioxide and exchange it with oxygen, they do this with more subtle energies too. The tradition of gathering around a Christmas Tree began as a form of gratitude and appreciation for their wisdom and contribution.t It was a sacred ritual. The tradition has been bastardized to diminish them to a prop in the backdrop of our gluttonous exchanges. One year, I was hell-bent on getting the perfect Christmas tree. I wanted to use it as a distraction from my pain. I found this great tree that was covered with pine cones. We hacked it down with little regard. When I was home alone with it, it was so angry. Why did I not listen earlier. It was thriving in giving its seed to the world. I interrupted it’s purpose. It was almost too big […]

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The Whisperings of a Balsam Fir

I was compelled to bring this little potted fir-tree home with me recently. Once is awhile a plant in a store that is dying of thirst, light deficient, or craving freedom will ask for me to rescue it. I do what I can. But this little tree was healthy and content. It was part of a huge Christmas display at the local grocery store. It was in an entrance way that was swept up in the holiday spirit. I was also compelled to buy lights and special decorations for this little tree. I already had a big tree so it was funny, the strong pull to decorate this little tree. When I got the lights home, I started to realize that this tree was excited to be decorated. It wanted to have the Christmas tree experience. I put some lights on it and a couple of decorations, but it wanted more on it It wanted the whole experience. I had little bows that I could put on it but thought the cats would just pull them off and destroy its branches. The tree assured me they would not. He was right!. My little rascals did not touch one bow or […]

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