Christmas Spirit

The Truth About Santa Claus

Adults have been lying to Children for way too long about Santa Claus. Of course, it is because they have been lied to as well. They really have lost touch with that magical place within themselves and so they do what children who have been violated do. They perpetuate the Lie. It is time to tell children of all ages the truth about Santa Claus. In doing so, we will help heal that aspect of ourselves that has forgotten how to trust. The trouble is, we have lost touch with who Santa Clause is. It is time to reintroduce the world to him. Here is the truth about Santa Claus. Spirit Guides are people who have evolved through their hardships to such a degree that compassion is embedded in the very fiber of their Light. They exude a loving emanation to all those around them. They are not pushovers. Not at all. They can be tough as nails when it is necessary but they prefer to be soft and kind when they can. In their last incarnations, Spirit Guides go through many trials. Their last lifetimes are all about service. They give to the world as effortlessly and as randomly as […]

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An Aunt’s Last Christmas Gift

A friend of mine visited me after she returned from a funeral. Her friend’s sister had died. As we were talking. I started getting impressions from the other side. The sister from the other side was telling me that her sister was pretty dramatic and that she craved attention. The friend who was visiting confirmed this. Then I saw an image of two sweet girls in green plaid dresses. The friend was familiar with that photo. It was her friend’s daughters and was taken at Christmas time. They adored their aunt and their aunt adored them. I was shown how much the Aunt loved her nieces. She would play games and do crafts with the girls and really enjoyed the Christmas season with them. Since she crossed close to the holiday, she had a message for her sister. She wanted to make certain that her nieces did not get their holiday ruined by her passing. I saw the Christmases for the girls in the future. They were depressing and revolved around the mother cultivating a clinical depression due to the sister’s passing. The sister who crossed did not want to be a reason the girls losing their Christmas joy. She […]

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Aversion to Gifts

Some people are great givers but they aren’t very good at receiving. This robs others of the joy of giving. This is a great time of the year to change that. Here are some EFT taps to assist with this issue: (say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release the aversion to receiving, in all lifetimes. I release being a martyr, in all lifetimes. I release viewing gift giving as competition, in all lifetimes. I release feeling unworthy to receive, in all lifetimes. I release viewing gift exchange as manipulation, in all lifetimes. I release denying the receiver, in all lifetimes. I release interrupting the fluidity of exchange, in all lifetimes. I release denying a gift to feel superior, in all lifetimes. I accept the ebb and flow of receiving and giving, in all lifetimes. I Am centered in giving and receiving, in all lifetimes.

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An Exchange

Just like a good rain settles the dust on a dry day; a snow fall settles the negativity in the air. All those thought forms of shoulds, gossip, complaints, needs, must haves, must do and judgments are all weighted down to the ground and recycled back into the earth. Maybe they are another waste that our trees take and recycle for us. Maybe just as trees absorb the carbon dioxide and exchange it with oxygen, they do this with more subtle energies too. The tradition of gathering around a Christmas Tree began as a form of gratitude and appreciation for their wisdom and contribution.t It was a sacred ritual. The tradition has been bastardized to diminish them to a prop in the backdrop of our gluttonous exchanges. One year, I was hell-bent on getting the perfect Christmas tree. I wanted to use it as a distraction from my pain. I found this great tree that was covered with pine cones. We hacked it down with little regard. When I was home alone with it, it was so angry. Why did I not listen earlier. It was thriving in giving its seed to the world. I interrupted it’s purpose. It was almost too big […]

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