Mind Blowing Love

Yesterday’s group call was so amazing!  I closed my eyes, really tuned into everyone’s voices and energy and I felt as though I was transported back to the room we were in at Woodcliff, with all those beautiful souls I have known through many, many life times.  Thank you Jen for bringing us together in […]

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Our God Children

I have one official godchild in the world. I haven’t been the best official godmother to him. I struggled so much in this life I never was good at sending the obligatory dollar in a card when he was growing up. I know this upset his mother. But I did keep a look out for […]

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Releasing A Parent’s Angst

There is great responsibility in being a parent. It is a parent’s unspoken fear that they will let their child down in some way or another. A prevalent fear is that one won’t be able to keep their child safe. Some thoughts about the safety of our children are so horrific that parents spend a […]

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