Mind Blowing Love

Yesterday’s group call was so amazing!  I closed my eyes, really tuned into everyone’s voices and energy and I felt as though I was transported back to the room we were in at Woodcliff, with all those beautiful souls I have known through many, many life times.  Thank you Jen for bringing us together in May, and for the refresher yesterday. Some things Jen said during the call stuck with me, and I could not get them out of my head.  I have never really parented with boundaries.  I don’t strictly enforce times such as wake up time, when we eat, or when bed time is, etc. This isn’t necessarily the best approach, I know. What I realize now that I am working with Jen is, I have fought making official times for all those things because deep down I knew that when we force our kids to be too linear – get up at a certain time, eat every day at a certain time, go to bed at a certain time, etc. – it prevents them from exploring their exponentiality.  When we rush them from this thing to that – just like Jen was talking about when we book […]

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Helping Children

I just wanted to thank Jen for helping my 12 year old Grandson, he was experiencing heightening anger, depression and withdrawing from everyone. Much to my surprise he was very receptive to Jen’s work. The amazing transformation after just one session was just unbelievable, I spent the day with my grandson and he went from a kid with his head down and hat over his face, to the talkative loving young man he used to be. Every time I have reached out to Jen I have been in awe of how life changing her work is. Thank you Jen, Thank you for seeing the good in our lad. Thank you for lovingly bringing him back into a comfort zone, your amazing and you really know how to communicate with young people. I highly suggest anyone having problems with their youth, animals or yourself to reach out to her. Much love and bright bright blessings to you Jen.

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Release the Anguish of Losing a Child.

Whether you have physically or emotionally lost a child, these taps will assist in releasing the anguish and guilt so that healing can occur. These will be a helpful way to heal the pain of giving up a child for adoption. It is a way to send your love to the child wherever they may be. (Insert the child’s name in the blank. Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest) “I release giving up on _______________ ; in all moments.” “I release rejecting _____________;in all moments” “I release blaming _______________ ; in all moments.” “I release being disconnected from ________________ ; in all moments.” “I release confusing _______________ with anguish; in all moments.” “I release defining _________________ as anguish; in all moments.” “I release the trauma of losing _______________ ; in all moments.” “I extract all anguish out of ________________ ; in all moments.” “I heal _______________ ; in all moments.” “I release the fear of being vulnerable to _____________; in all moments.” “I bare my Soul to ________________ ; in all moments.” “I pour incredible Love into _______________ ; in all moments.” “I earnestly give […]

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Our God Children

I have one official godchild in the world. I haven’t been the best official godmother to him. I struggled so much in this life I never was good at sending the obligatory dollar in a card when he was growing up. I know this upset his mother. But I did keep a look out for him in my special way. I remember when he was very little; I had an inner experience with him where I was teaching him to swim. Water has always been my symbol of being immersed in the Holy Spirit, the Eck, or the Love; whatever you chose to know it as. The next morning, I called to see how he was doing. I lived in a different town and he didn’t see me enough to remember me. But when I called his house, my sister said that Chris asked about me out of the blue that morning. I moved back to the same town when he was about eleven. I let Chris play on my computer as much as he wanted. It was a Macintosh and had creative programs on it. Shortly after that he got his own computer and showed genius in its set […]

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Releasing A Parent’s Angst

There is great responsibility in being a parent. It is a parent’s unspoken fear that they will let their child down in some way or another. A prevalent fear is that one won’t be able to keep their child safe. Some thoughts about the safety of our children are so horrific that parents spend a lot of energy battling to keep them dormant. The underlying fear is that the parent will draw negative scenarios to their life through their thoughts. This creates a mind loop that becomes a private battle. In past times the mortality rate was much higher and personal security was much lower. What people may not realize is that irrational fears may stem from something that they have already experienced in a previous life. It isn’t really irrational. It is a memory. Knowing a fear is a memory may help us realize that it doesn’t need to be experienced again. When we let go of a past memory instead of trying to suppress a thought, it can be emotionally freeing. Here are some taps to assist: (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) […]

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