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Release the Anguish of Losing a Child.

Whether you have physically or emotionally lost a child, these taps will assist in releasing the anguish and guilt so that healing can occur. These will be a helpful way to heal the pain of giving up a child for adoption. It is a way to send your love to the child wherever they may […]

Silliness in Healing

A Plumber doesn’t quantify his work by saying, “I really did nothing. The pipes did all the work, I simply cleared them” A teacher doesn’t state in a parent teacher conference, “I didn’t teach little Johnny anything, he taught himself” A financial planner doesn’t have to state to their clients, “You are your own banker, […]

The Key to Performing Wonders

Healing is not magic. It is a real shift in energetics generated by a heart and mind working together. If the world can create two phones that share information just by touching, how much more can the human mind with a loving heart share with others. Everything that seems based on magic is rooted in […]

Finding a Friendly Village

A large, outdoor Zen Garden

People incarnate into groups that they have enjoyed in past incarnations. Whenever someone feels like the outsider in a group dynamic, it is because they are. They were most likely the enemy of this set of people in times past.

You would think that knowing this would upset people, but it is very liberating. Children […]

Our God Children

I have one official godchild in the world. I haven’t been the best official godmother to him. I struggled so much in this life I never was good at sending the obligatory dollar in a card when he was growing up. I know this upset his mother. But I did keep a look out for […]