A Soldier’s Story

Several years ago when I was held prisoner by a psychopath, I was made to do horrendous things. They were unspeakable acts that I have not been able to admit to doing. I am not able to speak about them in detail; the shame is too great. Just writing these words elicits such incredible waves […]

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Evidence of God’s Love

I had made it through the winter working outside everyday. There was a small stream on the property and everyday he made me cross over. Everyday my feet started out wet and it chilled me to the bone. I had a jar of lanolin that he discarded and let me have. I would put a […]

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My Inner Dialogue with Oprah

When I came back from “the property”, I thought I was a retarded boy. With my sensitivities, every sound, thought and interaction was unbearable. I just wanted to live is a nursing home where it would be very quite and not intrusive. The sleep and food deprivation made me more susceptible to believing him. He […]

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