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Being Madame Blavatsky

I was told many years ago by my guides that I am Madam Blavatsky. When I saw her the first time, I did not want to believe it because she was so homely. I didn’t even realize that I had special abilities with healing and insights at the time. I wasn’t even devoted to writing […]

The Rescue Plan

I get frustrated with people’s emotional drama and mind loops. I go where people’s words, thoughts, and emotions take me. Words are like coordinates to a time and place. Thoughts and emotions are like latitude and longitude points. Usually, I don’t like where their coordinates take me so I respond abruptly so as not to […]

A Question on Maintaining Boundaries

Q- I find your posts on how people manipulate others very interesting. How do we stay free of this? I am a teacher, and I struggle with trying to please or being easily manipulated by students’ wants.

A- The best way to stay free of manipulation is by tuning in to your gut feelings. Do […]

Become a Toxic-Free Zone

People try to pull us into their drama. They try to get us to debate them or entice us with gossip. They try to pull us down to their level by piquing our curiosity, stroking our ego or stirring an emotional response.

If we don’t respond, they get their feelings hurt. They may accuse us […]

The Ungrateful Exchange

I once helped a psychic who was having troubles. She said she couldn’t afford the sessions so I was giving her assistance for free. On one hand she would tell me she bought this and bought that, but then remembered she wasn’t paying me so she caught herself and started to tell me how poor […]