Technique to Balance Humanity

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a male or female body, whether you use female or male energy as a force. Whichever one is dominant in a person is unrelated to which genitalia they carry. A balance of both is necessary in each person and in the world. The imbalance of male energy in the world is responsible for most of the imbalance in the world as well. Male energy is responsible for war, pollution, destruction, the raping of female energy, injustice, and ignorance. It is responsible for women being objectified and kindness being considered a weakness instead of a strength. A world dominated by female energy would be unbalanced as well. It is important that a balance is regained. Here are taps to help the world regain balance. I declare myself a surrogate for the balance of humanity, in all lifetimes. I release hating women, in all lifetimes. I release diminishing women, in all lifetimes. I release the guilt and trauma of raping women, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that women are weak, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that women are manipulative, in all lifetimes. I release the belief that women are inferior, in all lifetimes. […]

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The Riddle is Solved

Being overweight isn’t about being a glutton, it’s a clue that your body is out of balance. Cravings are a signal that your body desperately needs something. Since we don’t know what the exact thing is, we focus on our default needs like sugar, fat, or just lots of anything. People who feel a craving for sugar are likely to be in need of love. People who crave fats are most likely in need of security. People who eat a lot are filling a void that may be an actual hole in their energy system. People who are large are trapped in a dualistic schism of being desperate for validation and yet terrified of being seen. None of this is because they are unlovable or even repulsive. But that is what they are resonating with in their energy field, and that is what they manifest to show the world. Many people, when they eat, feel guilty. They season their food with guilt and eat it. This is one reason diets fail. Instead of learning how to fix the imbalance, we ignore it and starve it. That is what diet is; telling the psyche to shut up and deal with it! This […]

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A Visit from Heron/Egret Totem

The taps I posted a few days ago about Leaving the third dimension behind were very powerful. Simha wanted to go out, but I had to pour them out first. It was almost night-time when I finished. In the post, I wrote that we would see evidence of a shift in the people around us. When I went outside, there were four Mormons talking. One was holding a dream catcher. It meant nothing to him, but it was a symbol to me. There was so much energy flowing through me, like a teenager on a Friday Night. I was compelled to drive to the water. It was surreal. I felt that I was going to meet a love. As I drove, all the stations seemed to only play classical uplifting music. As I drove down the road, I got this surreal experience that as I drove, I was expanding the road. It felt like undoing a seam and expanding the girth of earth, When I got to the water, there was a beautiful soft murmur of a breeze; the trees and water were communing. There was a hint of duck whispering as well. It was mesmerizing. Then, from out of […]

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Balancing Yin and Yang

In a male dominated world, it is easy for people to get their yin and yang out of balance. Many of my clients have revealed past lives where their male experiences were dominated with an abuse of power and their female lifetimes were of being devastated by suppression. We come to a point in our spiritual evolution when we are ready to transcend such patterns. Since Yang energy is focused and direct, and Yin energy is expansive and all-encompassing, it is beneficial to embrace both equally. In doing so, we can widen our effectiveness in any endeavor. Some try to marry their Yin and Yang, and though this may be a vital experience, the enlightened individual may get to the point of balancing the two and transcending the Yin-Yang dynamics completely. Here are some taps I gave to a client who has outgrown the “Volleying” between Yin and Yang experiences. (Say each statement three times while tapping on the top of your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.) I release preferring to be Yin, in all lifetimes. I release preferring to be Yang, in all lifetimes. I release associating Yang with an abuse of […]

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Technique for Panic Attacks, Stress, and to Achieve Balance

Visualize the infinity symbol (the figure eight on its side) midway down your back and behind the liver. This represents where the parasympathetic and sympathetic system interact. Think of one loop as the parasympathetic system (involuntary systems like breathing and blinking). Think of the other loop as the sympathetic system (muscle actions that take a thought). What happens in panic attacks, is that these two systems get tangled and confused. You suddenly have to think about breathing, thoughts race, the body reacts in different ways. So as a visualization, simply focus on this infinity symbol and make it have perfect symmetry in your mind. At first one loop of the infinity symbol may be bigger or tangled or even broken and the other one could be perfectly fine. Just simply tweak the loops with your mind so that they are equal and balanced. When you use this technique, it takes all the focus off of all the subtle aspects of the body that are reacting and puts the focus on fixing it at the site.

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