Bird Whisperer

I started doing a remote healing session with someone and was distracted by the birds arguing in the background on their end of the phone. Apparently there was one bird disgruntled because a neighbor bird moved too close and was taking all the good food. I did a release on the bird and explained to him this is the life he was given and this is where his happiness is. It seemed to help. A few minutes later we heard harmonious singing.

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A Glimpse of One of My Spirit Guides

I just finished receiving a session with Skye Daniels. She is one of the very few I allow to do energy work on me. Our work together is very special. During the session, she was having me tap in some form of energetic change in my system that would assist me in being more empowered with my life and work here on the planet. As we were both tapping an issue out, a man in construction garb passed my window. I saw him in the reflection of the TV. He walked right in front of my window. My cat Smudge saw him and went to the window. It was so curious that I went to the window to see what was going on. I live in the woods and my house is set back away. There was no evidence of him, or a truck or any disturbance outside. When I mentioned it to Skye, she thought it was strange, too. She checked in and was told what I suspected. This was one of my Spirit Guides that had come to assist in my session. I know they are around and helping me, but to get an outer manifestation of one […]

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Taps of the Day

The reason the world is so out of balance is that it has been run from the vantage point of male energy. The world has become that dysfunctional marriage with the bully for a husband and a mousy wife. Here are taps to assist it shifting into the balance that is necessary for world enlightenment. (Say each statement three times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra. Say each word deliberately. They are not just words but a vibration that you are initiating to shift energy. Pause after each word. Say it in a commanding but even tone; not as a question. Forgo saying it in a sing-song tone or with bravado. Say them all.) “I declare myself a surrogate for humanity in doing these taps; in all moments.” “I release viewing the world from the vantage point of male energy; in all moments.” “I release judging myself as male energy does; in all moments.” “I release sizing situations up from the vantage point of male energy; in all moments.” “I release interacting with others from the […]

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How To Manifest Your Greatest Purpose

People underestimate the power of a pure loving intention fueled by conviction. It is a means of dipping into that infinite place where the stars are born. It is utilizing the same process of forming planets to command all the dust and the particles in your realm to gravitate in your orbit of greatness. We are meant to create. It is blueprinted into our DNA. It has taken era after era of being beaten down and diminished as a means to subjugate us, for us to cower at the thought. These are our primal memories and the reason that we shy away from our own abilities. But buried underneath all the fear of being called out, humiliated, rejected, scorned, and false humility is the deep knowing and understanding of our greatness. It is the secret we hold deeply within ourselves and fear uttering out loud. But here is the truth. You are great. You know you are. Your frustration is in not having a means to express it and have it validated. Here is the key. It is very simple. Combine these two things and you will unravel your greatness; do what you love and do it as a service […]

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The Sanctity of Life

The abortion issue would make more sense if it was about the sanctity of life. But it is obviously not. If those who cared so much about the life of a fetus only cared so much about the quality of life for others in their circumstances then their hardcore stance would be more understandable. But the sanctity of life for a potential baby is not more valid than the lives of people displaced from everything they hold dear only to be treated like prisoners in holding camps as they migrate to freedom. The sanctity of life for a fetus is not more precious than those who are terrified of being deported because they don’t have the right documentation to prove they belong in one swatch of land over another. The sanctity of life for a baby is not more precious than the millions of people living in poverty, hunger, or squalor without a means to pull themselves out of the conditions that they have been born to. God does not love white babies born of lucrative status more than he loves babies of color, or of those born in various means of disadvantage. The sanctity of life for an unborn […]

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