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No. Just Say No.

No life is disposable No one is unworthy of help There is no such thing as a lost cause Though struggle is valuable for growth, watching others walk away leaves its mark No one is not worth helping No time spent helping is a waste No one is too important to not give a damn […]

Activating Your Muscle Memory

After Peyton Manning’s injury that was a possible end to his career, he was training with a long beloved coach that he respected. He had been out of commission for a while and the speculation was that his career was over. But the coach was very wise. What he said is the seed for this […]

Strengthening Your Energetic Sea Legs

Psychic energies are sticky and manipulative. They seem to have an agenda of their own and can be intimidating and confuse someone into doing things that are not in their best interest. They are not to be played with or dealt with by novices. It is true that the best way for someone to deal […]

Technique: Walk Through God

We are conditioned to think of God as an abstract concept or as caricature of a old man on a throne. There is a huge gap of wiggle room between those two depictions. How about thinking of ourselves already immersed in God. If we can imagine that we are an atom of God; which many […]

The Reason Why People Hate

In a very abstract way, it is easy to understand why people hate. The feelings off love and hate register as the opposite of what they really are. The feeling of hate seems to fill one up. The feeling of love to the novice seems to bring a feeling of expansion; which the human consciousness […]