Poking a Stick at Atheists

Some people, like myself believe that God is the force of Love and we are Love personified to the level that we choose to be. I have been fortunate to be shown the opposite of Love in every way imaginable so I am capable of discerning Love and God for myself. What I think of as loving would not be considered loving to someone else. To me, truth is loving; even if it is hurtful. I have come to this because I have been deceived in every way imaginable and know that deceit is not Love. Even if there is an ulterior motive of protecting one’s feelings, to me, it is not loving because to me ulterior motives are the opposite of Love. Others may enjoy flattery and adulation and will call it worship.. But I see adulation and flattery as a subtle form of manipulation. My intelligence is insulted when people think I would care about such things. Why would God want such a waste of energy attributed to Him/Her/It. What do I call God that hasn’t been used in vain, to damn others or just to curse in self-indulgence? I have facilitated sessions for clients whose past lives […]

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