Animal Communication

Insensitive Thoughts

Simha and I enjoyed a car ride together recently. She was very happy with her face out the window. I thought of how much I love her. I started to indulge in the feeling of how much I will miss her down the road when it is her time to cross over. It was a great car ride and I got lost in my thoughts. But Simha left her post at the window and started looking out the front of the car. She was acting funny and seemed a little pensive. I had no idea why she was acting strangely. Then it occurred to me that she knows what I am thinking. Simha thought she was leaving me today. She only knows the moment so to her, it was happening in the moment. I put her through that trauma with my thoughts. I will be more sensitive in the future. I do not want to be so insensitive again.

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Spiritual Lesson from a Dog

Dreaming One of my teachers last night in the dream state was a dog. He was explaining to me the interactions of the dog community. I didn’t pull back all the words but what he was saying is that dogs don’t judge other dogs. They will protect their boundaries, sure, but the spiritual thing about dogs is that they don’t try to make other dogs be like them. In this way, they are more advanced than humans. Humans need not try to look or be like other humans. It is a really silly concept to a dog. I think it is a really silly concept for people as well. He said that there is only one real thing that dogs hold each other accountable for. The big no-no is this; Don’t muddy the water. It is a shared blessing. This, to me, is very profound. Do anything in your life that you are compelled and inspired to do as long as it doesn’t muddy the water for others. Humans would do well to live by this one rule. Don’t muddy the water.

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A Dog’s Choice

Recently I helped a friend whose dog ran away. I saw where the dog was and that she was being fed and cared for in someone’s house. My friend was glad she was okay but missed her and wanted her home.  Instead of describing where the dog was, and helping find her; we (me and the dog) used the situation as a bargaining session. This dog ran away. She knew where home was but she wanted to be an inside dog and my friend kept her outside. She wanted to have a warm home, soft things to sleep on and be able to be free to run around instead of only existing at the end of a chain. During the phone session, the woman had many reasons why it would not work for the dog to be in the house. My answers were all in my role as an advocate of the dog. I addressed each concern one by one. The woman could start to see how it was possible. The dog had a few concessions that it wanted met before it would come home. It wanted to be a in-house dog. It wanted a bath. It wanted more deer […]

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My Deer New Friend

I was driving through a large park yesterday and a deer was crossing the street. I slowed down way ahead of time so as not to scare her. She stopped and came close the car. I had my back window down because my dog Simha was looking out. It was as natural as pulling up to a neighbor and saying, “Hi”. I sent her incredible love. She looked at the road and back at me. She was confused. She knew the road was danger and yet she felt my love. I explained to her that the road was danger and that had not changed but I loved her. Miraculously no cars passed so this moment of exchange was suspended for what felt like a long time. Yet neither one of us wanted to leave each other. It was my dog Simha. who was miraculously quiet through the whole exchange, who decided she had enough of being magnanimous. She regained her dog stance and started barking like a rogue. Even that did not disturb the deer’s stillness. She was caught off guard; in a good way; by the exchange. My dog Simha remained a detached third-party throughout the encounter but I […]

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Processing Loss

When I leave the house, I get a restless feeling. I get compelled to go back and check for something I am leaving behind. It is my three cats objecting to me leaving them home and going out for a bit. Even though I know this, it isn’t a comfortable feeling. Our energies are so interconnected, that it is even difficult to leave the house because it feels like I am leaving without my valuables; which I am; them. A friend messaged me last night distressed. Her cat got ill and quite unexpectedly, she had made the decision to put it down. She was feeling such incredible feeling of emotion that was confusing and hard to process; let alone bear. It was guilt, pain, confusion and void that she couldn’t fathom. She was having a more severe case of what I go through when I leave my house. Her cat and her energies were intertwined so now that she is physically separated from him, he was having trouble crossing over and she was having trouble processing the separation. I assisted in helping the cat understand what was transpiring and helped them both separate energetically from each other. I instructed her to […]

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