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Powerful Taps to Bring Freedom to All

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it 4th time while tapping on your chest) “We declare ourselves surrogates for all life in doing these taps; in all moments.” “We release being used as energy generators; in all moments.” “We release being procured to be energy generators; in all moments.” […]

Being Taken For Granted

My dear friends on tonight’s call did these taps to assist me. The understanding is that helping me with my pure intention to heal the world, indeed, assists in healing the world. The Golden Thing The Golden Thing society sees Is just the Love flowing through me It’s not in the norm,yet comes through each […]

Energetic Ponzi Schemes

All of society is paralyzed in layers and layers of Ponzi schemes. Everything that puts a label on us is a form of a Ponzi scheme. They are things that not only do we unwittingly give all our energy to, we are also saddled with the issues of the members of that group as well. […]

Why I can’t Watch The Ellen Show

Like everyone else, I love Ellen. But I can’t watch her show. A popular segment makes me very anxious inside and I figured out why. When Ellen gives away the really generous gifts to the people in need, it is hard for me to watch. Not because I am jealous of the people receiving the […]

Taps of the Day

The concept of money exists on the mental realm. It is digging deeper to release this artificial concept of self-worth from our repertoire. Beyond this concept lies spiritual freedom. Money itself is just a tool that is used to benefit the individual. It is as harmless as a rake if it is used properly.

But […]