I recently had a private session with a very successful business person. He loves winning. But he notices that when he has a big win, he gets depressed immediately afterwards. The conscious thought process is that he will not be able to maintain such levels of success. The past life unconscious memory revealed how deep those consequences were.

He was a native American warrior that guaranteed the safety of his tribe. He was very well-respected and admired. But then he started to decline. Later in that life, he was abandoned by his tribe. He was left to die because he was a hindrance to their survival. This is what was triggered in the present life every time he felt successful.

Here are some of the EFT taps that we did to help him be able to enjoy success in this life:
(Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I release associating winning with losing, in all lifetimes.
I release associating success with rejection, in all lifetimes.
I release associating success with abandonment, in all lifetimes.
I release the pain and trauma of being abandoned, in all lifetimes.
I release linking success with failure, in all lifetimes.
I release the belief that death follows success, in all lifetimes.
I am centered in Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health and Success, in all lifetimes.

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