Recently a client told me how she wanted to draw and paint again and just couldn’t bring herself to the task. She explained that she had a lot of art supplies that people had given her but she didn’t use any of them. The supplies that were donated to her were the key to understanding her lack of motivation.

I asked her to think of why people had given her the supplies. They had gotten discouraged with not using them and passed them on. The energy of “the reason they didn’t use the supplies” was donated to her as well. When she accepted the art supplies, she also inherited the glass ceiling of their original owner’s lack of commitment to using them.

This is what happens with second-hand stuff. We believe we are gaining a bargain. But sometimes we are gaining a limitation. Think of the items in your home that were acquired through someone else. Are they being used for their intended purpose? Do they feel inspiring or limiting. It is a very subtle thing but it may be the criteria used to see if you should keep them or not. Check out your stuff.

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Sandra R.
January 10, 2015 at 10:19 pm

Wow! This is a whole new way of looking at second-hand items for me! I’ve heard I should clean “antique” items before bringing them into my house to clear it of its former owner’s energy. I don’t know why, but I only thought of this in terms of negative attitudes, like anger or sadness…maybe even sickness. It never occurred to me that the second-hand desk I bought from a business going out of business, might limit my own productivity/attitude towards work and being productive and successful, or the second-hand treadmill that was not used, except as a clothes holder per the former owner, might limit my own use of it. What you said also challenged the way I look at things that I might give over to a second-hand store. What is the energy I put into those things? Are they beneficial or at least inert? I am so thankful for your voice and guidance. With each tap I do and post I read, such as this one, I become ever increasingly aware of the importance of self-awareness and responsibility of my own personal energy. I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime as a broken water sprinkler…just spraying my energy everywhere, at any time, at any living thing, kind of haphazardly…that now has been repaired so that it can serve purposefully and bring life (or love) to where ever its placed. Wow again and thank you so very, very much! With gratitude and a big hug, Sandra

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