Stop The Madness!!!

The reason for “disease” that trumps all others is treating the body like an inanimate object with no feelings. This is wrong and barbaric. Every component of our body has consciousness that cares about surviving.

It feels rejection,
Gets overwhelmed,
Cries in pain,
Wants to be validated,
Wants to be loved,
Wants to do a good job,
And it wants to be appreciated.
It also wants its love felt, and its contribution acknowledged.

The body parts have similar reactions to being ignored and invalidated just as you do.

It shuts down,
Acts out,
Screams out,
Feigns sickness,
Gives up,
Sabotages the ingrate,
Sabotages others,
Holds resentment,
Builds up anger,
Drags along for attention,
Tries harder,
And exhausts itself.

So when our body parts are being invalidated by us, and suffering, instead of pouring love, kindness, and compassion into them, we:

Complain about them,
Cut them out,
Poison them,
Eradicate them with radiation,
Mutilate them,
Blame them for the whole system being out of whack,
Talk about how they aren’t functioning,
Continue to demoralize them,
And curse them for our misgivings.

I have such compassion for a BODY. Self-worth is a tough one, but the way a group of cells holds together with all the ingratitude and ignorant practices that are thrown at it is amazing. Every BODY is an unsung hero in my book. When someone is complaining about something their body has failed at, I talk silently with their body and give them compassion for what they have to endure at the hands of ignorance.

Body parts are living, breathing, contributing organisms, just like all aspects of nature are functioning individually, working in agreement with the ecosystem that it is a part of. For optimal health, everyone should start thinking of their body as a community of souls working for a common goal, instead of as one overlord being served by the minions. You can give so much voice and reason to yourself, and create fluidity in the functioning of your body systems, rather than stagnant pools of energy that cause dissension or disease in the whole.

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