Star Planet

I recently facilitated a session with a new client who is a life coach; helping many people in her own way. In the first session, some of the releases that came through were the more advanced ones I do with regular clients. She was very responsive and felt that it was right to do one more session.

In her second session, her ingrained detachment and lack of emotional investment in this life came through more clearly. She always felt like she was from another planet. She obviously resented being here to assist a barbarian race of people. We even did one EFT tap that stated:

I release the belief that humans are barbaric swine; in all lifetimes.

Deeper into the session, we both got a sense of a physical body that she was more comfortable in. I felt the energy at the base of her spine and sensed what it was like to have a tail. The intellect that came through explained how much better it was to have a tail because along with the legs, it created a sort of energetic pyramid that brought greater balance and grounding.

I also felt the energy below her shoulder blades start to tingle. It was revealed the trauma of having one’s wings detached through an explosion during war. Also, when she had to come to earth for the first lifetime, her wings were genetically removed. This created great hostility within her. She never felt comfortable on earth. But in her session, we gave her a sense of healing her wings and we both felt tingling along the back side of her arms where the wings attached.

I have facilitated many sessions with people who felt that earth was not their original home. It was revealed that this is why it is so heavily polluted. People who were seeded here from other planets never fully embrace earth as their mother land. They are in a sense like adopted children who never bond with their adoptive mother and expel much energy pining for their original planet. This is why there is such a lack of respect for it by many and why so many do not appreciate the organic beauty of nature.

If any of this resonates, the following EFT taps might be helpful:

I release hating earth; in all lifetimes.

I release the pain and trauma of being in a human body, in all lifetimes.

I release resenting being human; in all lifetimes.

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