Spiritual Lesson from a Dog


One of my teachers last night in the dream state was a dog. He was explaining to me the interactions of the dog community. I didn’t pull back all the words but what he was saying is that dogs don’t judge other dogs. They will protect their boundaries, sure, but the spiritual thing about dogs is that they don’t try to make other dogs be like them. In this way, they are more advanced than humans. Humans need not try to look or be like other humans. It is a really silly concept to a dog. I think it is a really silly concept for people as well.

He said that there is only one real thing that dogs hold each other accountable for. The big no-no is this; Don’t muddy the water. It is a shared blessing. This, to me, is very profound. Do anything in your life that you are compelled and inspired to do as long as it doesn’t muddy the water for others. Humans would do well to live by this one rule. Don’t muddy the water.

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