Spiritual Law

Some people think of karma as a punishing agent. That is only an aspect of it. I don’t see karma in a negative way, as a sort of universal revenge. I don’t ever wish harm on others because I get a sense of how much pain they are already in. But that doesn’t mean that those of us who have outgrown the need for revenge are not touched by the synchronicity of the principle of karma.

Instead of thinking of karma as a punishing force, why not thing of it as a force that rewards noble intention? For instance when one uses great patience to be kind to all of life, the Universe shows kindness and tolerance in return.

I know what it is like to be unheard, invalidated, and to have my needs ignored, so to impose that same experience on anyone would cause me, indirectly, to re-live painful experiences. A form of self-healing is to go out of my way to listen to the small requests of those around me; especially the ones that usually go unheard, and validate their needs.

When it is cold outside, I make certain that my dog Simha and I have extra layers on because she is going to want the window open when we are in the car. She has so very few joys so why would I not go out of my way to accommodate her? When we go on walks, I try to take her to places where she doesn’t need to wear a leash because I know what it feels like to be shackled. Her enjoyment in sniffing as she goes is the dog version of Candy Crush. I know how I like to be left alone to my game, why would I impose dominance on her during these times.

I oblige a thirsty plant when they ask for water even if there is a whole shelf of them in a store. I will get management to tend to them because I know what it feels like to be thirsty. I take as many of them home as possible because I know what it is like to be devalued and abandoned. Does it matter that the request comes from a nonhuman? Not to me. I have given money to the homeless knowing that they use it to buy alcohol because I know that need to satiate a craving and do not judge that experience in another.

I realize now that my intention towards others is EXACTLY what I receive from the Universe. They are directly related. When I feel invalidated, I realize now, that I must have invalidated others. There is no confusing mathematical equation to figure out. It is a simple “quid pro quo” relationship. One can figure out their shortcomings by looking at what they feel they are NOT receiving and realize that is exactly what they have not given.

If you want to set out the intention to receive from the Universe; all you have to do is give in the exact way that you want to receive. If you want to be seen as beautiful, see beauty in all others. If you want to be validated, listen to the subtle whispering of the needs of others. If you wants to be loved, love everyone and everything in all ways under all conditions without judgement or regret.

When you do this, Love will open up to you in ways that you may never would have thought possible. Life will become a perpetual gushing Joy. It is then that we transcend the Law of Karma and experience the Spiritual Law of Love.

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