Spiritual Buffet

Many people have different tastes in cuisine. When there is a large group of people going out for dinner, they will be most successful in going to a restaurant that has a buffet that offers something for everyone. It is all food. Everyone gets happily fed on a meal they enjoy, without squabbling.

We are so fortunate to live in a time where we have access to many spiritual paths. Truth is truth. We all are just looking to get spiritually fed. So it is great when we get to a point that we can pick different practices that resonate with what we need for our own spiritual growth.

The only thing that interferes with this is the control mechanism built-in to religions that their way is the only way and if one strays from it, they will suffer severe consequences. This is a form of control and fear. True spiritual guides are unconcerned with how truth and love come into the individual.

That is the main difference between religion and spirituality. Religions have an agenda. They have a structure that needs to be filled by physical means; including people to support its structure. Spirituality is formless, has no structure to support and so has no outer agenda. People can be spiritual and religious because spirituality puts no confines on what it means to be spiritual. But some may sometimes have to forgo their spirituality to maintain the parameters of their religion. It sounds like a small distinction on paper but in practice it may stifle the masses.

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