Spiritual Attachments

A woman had lost her brother when she was a teenager. She would call him her guardian angel. She romanticized about him in her conversation. He was am amazing person. So it seemed.

The more I listened, the better picture I got of him. She started to talk about his anger issues and how the family had alienated themselves from him and at his passing, she was the only one that still talked to him. He also had drug and alcohol addictions that weren’t addressed.

The woman didn’t realize but her tastes and preferences changed after his crossing. She started having a taste for beer; which she never enjoyed it before. She also would enjoy weed after eating pizza. It wasn’t until talking with me did she realize that they weren’t her cravings but his. She was inadvertently allowing him to get his physical cravings met through her. At first she thought this awareness was a nice connection with him but over time she realized how unsettling it was and became annoyed at it.

She realized that she didn’t want to host her brother’s cravings and so I helped her release the symbiotic connection with him. I helped her be free of him. She felt happier immediately and the cravings dried up.

A person who is struggling in this life isn’t really capable of being a spirit guide on the other side. If they haven’t learned to take care of themselves in this world they won’t suddenly know how to guide others once they cross over.

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