Special Offer: Affordable Private Group Sessions

I will be offering private group sessions regularly so more people will be able to benefit from the profound shifts that my regular clients benefit from. They will be held on Tuesday nights at 8 pm ET, Thursday nights and 7 pm ET and Saturday mornings at 10 am ET.

The topic for Tuesday night classes will be Self Improvement and Awakening. The topic for Thursday night classes will be Improving Relationships. These could be relationships with a mate, family, children, parents, pets, coworkers, those who have crossed over, etc.. The Saturday morning calls will focus on Spiritual Awakening.

There is a beautiful synergy to releasing as a group and the profound connection that is woven among participants. The cost to attend a single class will be $27. To attend all the sessions for the whole month will cost a mere $127. That is a savings of over 60%. When you pay monthly, you receive the added bonus of being able ask me questions privately and receive a personal reply. I’m offering this huge savings to encourage everybody who wants to take the next step in their empowerment. I want you to have the means to do that. It is a huge experiment for me to offer these sessions at such a low cost.

Next Tuesday’s class will focus on Diet and Self-Esteem. Next Thursday’s class will be about Bettering the Relationship with a Mate. Saturday’s session will be about Waking Up as a Spiritually Aware, Self-Empowered Being. There will be no script for each call as I will tune into the people who sign up and gear the session specifically to their needs.

My hope is that you realize what it means for me to be able to offer these sessions. They will be unlike anything that you have ever experienced! I would love it if you would join us and I hope you will invite your friends. The work we do on ourselves can profoundly uplift everyone.

Here is to uplifting the world!


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