Speaking Truth

Imagine a world where everybody knows the truth but no one utters it. To speak truth is to be left vulnerable. Everything is about “keeping up appearances” When someone asks you how you feel, it’s expected to say fine. When you interact with others, you can feel the layers of façade between you but there is no way to get beyond them because if you speak truth, it will be denied.

Here is a sample:

“How do I look?”

“You look great but your make up looks a little unnatural. You would be prettier to tone it down.”

This simple exchange could cause hurt and dejection. The person who is asking doesn’t want to know the truth. They want to be reassured that their point of view is valid. They want reassurance.

This goes on in every way imaginable. People don’t seem to want truth, they want help maintaining their own layers of façade. It doesn’t just happen with women or individuals. It happens, in every social setting, business, organization and global community.

It has become so prevalent that we have turned away from our own truth regarding what is healthy for us or not. What we put into our bodies, what we subject our psyche to, and how we mandate what is best for our own healing process. Every choice we make should be mandated by what enriches the body, mind and spirit. But people have given away their own power to recognize the truth of healthy choices.
If we were relying on perceiving in energy, the individual would realize already that we thought they had too much makeup on. That is the exact reason they asked, they want you to override in words what you both have already exchanged energetically.

This may be the reason why so many people are uncomfortable with silence, because in the silence is the truth. That is why it is called an awkward silence, because it is too much truth for some people to handle.
People protect themselves by talking. They keep on talking because to be still and tune in to their own language of knowing is too painful for them. They have become so uncomfortable with their own truth that to feel it brings them much discomfort.

Organizations are all about the façade of the outer language. When is the last time you have heard a company say, “Let our service and product speak for itself”?

This does not happen. In this modern age, truth is subjective; meaning it can be skewed by the stronger energy. Those who have more money and can hire more PR representatives have a stronger voice in the world. They can get people to comply and agree with them just by the amount of power (energy) they have backing them. And in doing so, they gain more energy and more power. This has been our reality for way too long.

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