Sound Wheel technique:

49This is to use when you are around negative music, sounds or people who use negative language. Visualize an energetic water wheel in front of your heart chakra, except it churns sound. Imagine the wheel churning in the negative music or language, converting it into a celestial song. See the celestial music straining away into an infinite strand of a beautiful symphony. Feel the service you are doing in the moment by converting the negative noise into uplifting, melodic Divine Music

The by-product of a water wheel is energy. Feel how performing this service is energizing to you and the environment you are in. Instead of being affected by the lower vibration of the vulgar noise, you will be converting it into a sweet song. Know that energy as a byproduct of the conversion. The byproduct is Joy for you, the surroundings and everyone in the situation.

In contemplating, visualize the wheel as big as the earth and convert all the negative vibrations all around the world, into a symphony of Love

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