Sound Healing: Tonight!

Tonight’s call will be a unique sound healing session. I will be singing the songs that people have used to store issues in themselves. It is like they use the song as a wrapper for their issues, and when I sing the song, the issue is pulled from the person. It is very effective.

Sometimes the issue was stored without their awareness; it may have been playing in the background. I have retrieved songs that were stored in babyhood. I will sing a song and someone will say that was their mother’s favorite artist and she played the album all the time when they were little.

I have even retrieved issues that were stored in utero. This baby knew that its parents were in conflict over keeping her and she held this feeling of uncertainty her whole life until we released the issue by removing the song.

I discovered that this was truly an effective modality when I performed a healing massage on an eighty-four-year-old man. I sang a song that I had heard playing on the shows Ponderosa and Bewitched. It went, “Early one morning as the sun was rising, I heard a maiden singing in the valley below….” As I sang it, the stoic man teared up. He said that is was a strange coincidence that it was playing on the radio when he was nine years old and had broken his leg. He was in the hospital and separated from his mum.

I am not certain if the miracle was that I discovered this modality, knew all the words to the song, or that an eighty-four-year-old man was receptive to me singing this to him and having a healing massage by me. Part of me felt that I had learned that song years ago as a child specifically so that I could help him at that moment.

Tonight’s phone session is at 8 pm Eastern. You have nothing to do except register on my site for the low-risk cost of $27 (you can do that here) and then just listen in. It will be a fun, easy form of healing for you. I have found that even if you don’t know all the songs that I sing, there is still a cleansing of the sound frequency that occurs. You are very welcome to attend.

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