Sitting in the Middle of the Seat

My Dog Simha is in her element during her car rides. She gets lost in the experience. When she gets in the back seat, she chooses the window that she wants to hang out of. By sitting right next to it, she expects the window to automatically roll down; and it does. It rolls down because I love her, know her wishes and roll it down automatically for her. But it was HER intention that rolled it down, not mine. If I was in the car alone, there would be no interest in rolling down the back window; and so it would remain closed. I am empowered, but it is HER INTENTION that rolls down the window.

That is how it is in our life. God, the Universe, or Source knows how to run the whole world. We are merely sitting in the back seat. Or are we? Are we just passive passengers or does our intention enliven reality? I believe that we are so loved and doted on that our intentions are like Simha sitting by the window. Our intentions are acted upon by a greater power than ourselves. If we want wonder and empowerment, we have to set that intention. It is in the confidence and knowing that the window will roll down that Simha MAKES it roll down because I love her.

So is true with our own spirituality. The Love of the Universe realizes all your intentions. You simply have to intend them. If Simha sits in the middle of the seat, that means she is indifferent to a window being open. I get a little disappointed that she isn’t hanging out the window in her glory. But what is more disappointing is that most humans sit in the middle of the seat and never bother to explore the Universe. They never even put the intention out there. Explore the Universe people! Open up the possibilities with your intention!

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