Simply to Love

Since I feel the pain and emotional issues of other people as a cloud of stagnant energy, I can release it by blowing it away. This is one way that I assist others.

Since I am able to release other people’s issues with my sensitivities and all the techniques that I have accrued and developed, I stretch my capabilities to take it further.

Since I don’t need to be in the same space as someone to assist them, I can assist anyone anywhere.

Since I don’t need to know someone to assist them I can release anyone that I sense.

Since I don’t constrict my perceptions to just individuals, I am able to expand my consciousness to embrace everyone in the whole world.

Since I can release more than one soul at a time, I can release everyone at once.

I can do this by perceiving them as a group or releasing the world as a single soul.

Since time and space are illusions, I am able to release every soul from any era in the present moment.

Since I can love one soul, I can love all souls. I choose to pour infinite Love into every single soul everywhere and in all eras.

Since I can do this, others can do this as well.

The heart and the mind working at optimal capacity in a noble cause has never been tested beyond its limits.

I encourage everyone who is feeling alone and powerless to use this experience to tap into their own omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence and treat it as a creative exercise to uplift all of humanity.

Why would anyone do less?

Pain is a driving force for the individual to jump the gap between being nothing to being everything, from being powerless to being empowered, from being fearful to being absolute blissful Love.

Changing our personal mindsets and “heart-sets” is the way that humanity will be uplifted. This is what we are here to do.

Please join me in this intention. Please see others not as in competition, but as kindred spirits.

We are only limited by the ability to nurture a pure intention. I hope to make a believer or “intender” out of everyone.

No one has to join anything, believe in anything, or give their power to anyone else. All they need to do is simply hold a place for pure intention to thrive.

And simply to Love.

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