Sibling Rivalry

A very open research doctor brought his ten-year old boy to me for a neuromuscular issue. In a session, the whole person is addressed so another issue surfaced. He didn’t get along with his much younger sister. They were like oil and water. Because they were both great kids, it was chalked up as sibling rivalry. But the father was concerned about the boy’s intense sleep walking. 

In the middle of the night, he would sleep walk in such a deep state that he could not be stirred. It was unsettling to the parents. As I tuned in, a past life with the two children was revealed. They were in the water together and there was such jealousy and hatred for the younger sister that he drowned her. It was premeditated.

As difficult as it was, with the father by his side, I lead the boy through a series of EFT taps; one of them was, “I release the guilt and trauma of killing my sister, in all lifetimes”. He cried, and it was very difficult. It wasn’t until then that the father revealed that the sleep walking trances would end with the boy just standing over his younger sister as she slept in her bed. It was so disconcerting that they had taken to locking the younger daughter’s door at night so the brother could not get in.

After that session, the father reported back that the sleep walking was drastically reduced and as an added bonus, the children were getting along very well together and the tension between them was gone.

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