Self-Worth Check List

  • Wear a jacket
  • Button up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Accept compliments
  • Develop your talents
  • Nurture your hobbies
  • Take pride in your appearance
  • Challenge overt emotions/thoughts
  • Engage in meaningful adventures
  • Check in with yourself before saying yes to anything
  • Stay in shape
  • Clean and organize your environment
  • Verbalize your requirements
  • Keep the self-pity station or martyr mechanism turned off
  • Express your passion
  • Interact with people, other species, or nature
  • Tune into a greater Source through prayer/contemplation

Unless you are doing many of the things on this list, you can’t really complain about how others are treating you. They are taking invisible cues from you on how to treat you. Others can’t do anything to you that you are not already doing to yourself. Be kind to you. You are worthy, important and lovable.

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