Saying Grace

I always thought it was a nice practice to say Grace at mealtime. It wasn’t a consistent practice for me.  But I have had some experiences that have led me to appreciate the true merit of what I thought was a quaint gesture. Saying grace has become an essential healing practice for me.

It started with an experience I had at a fast food chain.  I bought their fabulous chili.  When I started to eat it, I went into the experience of watching the beef, as it’s former self, being led to the slaughter house. It was an incredibly painful emotional experience.

I suffered with this knowledge for awhile until I realized that I was not a victim of any experience. I had the power to change what I was feeling.  So I sat down in reverence and thought about the cow that was haunting me. I visualized going to that cow and doing an emotional release on the cow just like I would do on any client. By doing so, I felt free and more importantly, I believe that on some level, I assisted the cow in being at peace.

When the Native Americans were hunting, they would thank the animal that they acquired and honor it. I believe this was their way of saying Grace. It was also a way of doing an emotional release on the animal so it could be free of the trauma of being killed.

I would love to be able to be a vegetarian but I feel my body needs animal protein.  So my compromise is doing an emotional release on my meal before eating it.  It can be as simple as giving love to all the living items that are being ingested. Also to be grateful for the journey and the process of the meal arriving at your table, or drive-thru window.

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