Request from a Friend

A friend of mine asked me to extrapolate on this beautiful poem that touches him.

Love tells me I am everything,
Wisdom tells me I am nothing,
Between these two my life flows. ~ Nisargadatta

When we Love, we open up to every experience. A stranger walking by with a look of concern on their face can bring us to weep with compassion. Every being is a reflection of an experience we have rejoiced or struggled with. Every blade of grass sings to us and every atom is a universe in itself that carries the potential to Love and be loved.

I have prayed to God and a tree has answered. I have been admonished by a dandelion who I carelessly picked before her seeds where ready to parachute. I have looked at a soul and felt the depth of their struggle and have held the tears inside. All these things make living and loving so complete. One life can fill volumes of books on poetry and prose.

But then to have all these experiences is to lose myself. I am not separate from the Love. I am a fluid, intricate stream of awareness and potential. I am not in this physical body. Once I understand that love is all, why do I even need this body? I am one with the Love. Any where I put my attention, I am there. I am an intimate lover of all of life. I become every animal, every flower. I am an angel, I am a dream. Life is a dream. Continuous flowing and consciously in Love.

When I sing with my whole heart, I flow away as a current of song. I have become complete in every where I put my attention. I am not attached to this body. This body only marks a spot for me as a launching pad into the Universe. I know I am everything but the fear of being everything makes me tremble. I confuse everything for nothingness because I exist beyond the mind. Everything and nothingness are the beautiful flow between polarities depicted in the yin and yang symbol

I am fearful of being beyond the mind. I confuse it with losing my mind; of being insane. So I anchor myself to the bones and send my Love out into the farthest corners of the galaxy. And this is where I hover and play. Dancing between Loving all I see from these physical eyes, and expanding my consciousness to see through the eyes of the Universe.

This is my sacred dance of existence.

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