Renaissance of Awakening

We are here to share our gifts with others so they can access their own by association. I have seen this happen. I see people access incredible truth and healing abilities this way! It is exciting. There was no four-minute mile in running until one person did it…now more people can do it. Runners still have to train but there is evidence of what is possible for them to access.

Most people who have special talents don’t want others to have them. They want to be considered special. So they make themselves seem larger than life as a barrier between them and people gaining access to their gifts. They see their gifts as a commodity to make a career of. They have to be competitive because it is their business.

I do the opposite. I share everything I can with everyone and encourage the sharing. This is an upgrade in consciousness. This is the secret sauce in life. This is the shift that humanity is approaching. Instead of Us vs Them, we are walking into an Us is Them mode. When we empower others, we create a better world for all. That is the whole point. We have this incredible tool of social media to do this.

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone to make a difference. You can think I am ridiculous, you can feel the truth of this, or you can be somewhere on the fence. With all that I have endured through many incarnations to get to this point, I am thrilled to speak my truth.

What is your truth? What do you know in the depth of your soul but are afraid to say for fear of sounding egotistical? What is the truth that you are harboring right under the surface? What are you hesitant to say out loud? Does stuffing it inside serve you? How many Einsteins, Michelangelos, or Gandhis are sitting on their truth and perched to uplift humanity by simply sharing their purpose?

We are due for a Renaissance of Awakening.

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