Removing the Curse

My sister is a baseball fan. She just asked me to help the Chicago Cubs overcome a curse that was put on their team to prevent them from winning. I am vaguely familiar with the story. A man showed up at the game with his beloved goat and he was asked to leave because of the goat. He was highly offended. In his hurt and dejection, he cursed the team from winning. That’s all I know.

A curse is merely holding an unfavorable intention for someone and fueling it with feeling. It is not as dark and mysterious as we are led to believe. We curse each other all the time with our indifference and pain. Here are samples of curses that many of us have said or heard: “You will never amount to anything,” “You will never find anyone to love you like I do,” or “You will never be happy if you don’t go to church.” A curse is something that people just begin to agree upon.

I facilitated a mini-session with my sister to try to remove the curse from the Chicago Cubs. I tuned into the man who created the curse and sent incredible love and validation to him. I tuned into the goat and sent him incredible love and validation. I saw all the times through the ages that goats were used for sacrifice and what a painful thing that has been to goat kind. I sent a love to that goat bigger than all the pain and trauma that goat kind has endured. I visualized the goat in a seat of honor and being treated with incredible respect. In my inner vision, I saw a butterfly emerge from the goat and fly away. I am hoping this intention will help the Chicago Cubs have a fair chance.

If the Chicago Cubs wanted to help their plight, they would create an event to honor the goat. It would be a great fan favorite. They should have a goat day where they have a goat as an honored guest at the stadium. That is all they have to do to help themselves. They will win and they will have a new goat mascot. I did what I could on this end. We will see in October if it was enough.

Anytime there is a belief that is based on fear or lack, it needs to be balanced out with love. If one can summon up love bigger than the fear, they can dissolve any thought-form or emotional angst involved. With anything else, it is all about being more loving. Love is the greatest protection of all.

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