Removing a Poltergeist and a Curse

My sister and I went in a local pawn shop. The owner was a young catholic man who was very sweet. Sometimes I sense that someone on the other side, sends me to help one of their love ones still in the physical. This felt like one of those times.

The man felt an affinity to my sister so they talked while I just listened. His knee was hurting him and he was attracting troubles to himself. My sister asked me to help him and he was receptive to it, so I did. I worked on his knee and gave him a message about his Guardian Angel being Michael. He always prayed to Michael so that resonated as truth. Before we left I turned to him in a very uncharacteristic way, pointed my finger at him and blurted out emphatically, “Don’t you end up in jail!”. It was his father coming through.

I thought that was the end of it but I got a call from his friend and business partner. His doors were slamming and the windows were turning off and on. It alarmed him enough to call for help. I tuned into the shop and felt a focal point for negative energy. He told me there was a wall there which had symbols written on it. It had been used as a make-shift altar for rituals.

I also felt there was something in the store that was cursed…a spear of some kind. He knew the spear. But he didn’t want to get rid of it because it belonged to his best friend who died suddenly from a rapid spreading form of Cancer. I basically said, “Duh…the spear was cursed.”

I made an appointment to cleanse the building and the artifacts. I was a little nervous but my spirit guides told me to just make my Love a billion times greater than any fear. I did a cleanse on the place and released all residual negative energy from it. It felt physically more uplifting at once. Then I asked the young owner to place the spear on the ground and tuned into it. I sent such incredible Love from the spear to the person who put the curse on it.

I sat there is a contemplation that seemed like hours but was merely moments. I saw a little angry bushmen standing at the edge of an African or Australian field. He had his spear drawn in an attack position. I just sent him incredible Love and respect. We stood there together face to face; me armed only with Love. He slowly but deliberately withdrew his stance of attack, turned around and walked away. The spear was clean. The curse was lifted.

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