Releasing Emotional Regrets

Hi Jen-

I had a session with you a couple of months ago. While I found it challenging it did seem to shift some things for me. I was in a relationship that I really didn’t want to be in anymore. You also mentioned I was a eunuch in a past life…maybe twice. Your taps helped me clear that and about 3 weeks later I ended it. It ended in such a way that there was not a whole lot of talking about, or emotional regrets. It was very interesting to me that the shift was that noticeable.

Anyways, thank you so much. I wanted to reach out and tell you the results of our session. I remember seeing a post from you the other day mentioning something about how you like to hear later how the session helped people.
It was amazing to me how the relationship just dissolved. no muss no fuss. I have never experienced anything like that. It was a bit surreal as there was not one moment of drama.


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