Reiki Master Smudge

Every time I facilitate a healing phone session, my cat partner Smudge jumps on me at the beginning of the session. He gets a real focused look on his face, his paws get very hot and he walks back and forth over me, kissing the phone. He is very conscientious. I have actually had intuitive clients feel him send them healing love.

Every once in a while Smudge has a message for a client. It usually is similar each time; that they need to get a cat or they need to love their present cat better. If the sessions become intense, Smudge may walk away until the session returns to a more uplifting place.

The sessions are performed in a “place” beyond the physical and start on time even if the client is deterred. Smudge confirmed this today. A client called a few minutes late today but Smudge jumped on me exactly on the hour and started working before they called. He showed his commitment to his craft.

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