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Healing Technique for Liver Issues

The Liver is an amazing organ of the body. Not only does it filter everything that physically passes through the body, but also everything emotionally. If you are having trouble with your liver, I highly suggest that you stop listening to other people’s problems. You should also turn off the news. Our body was not meant to filter so much trauma. It is no different from the filter of a carburetor, air filter or anything else. It can not be over-taxed.

I have found a couple of supplements that are meant to help people lose fat are effective in dissipating the emotional blockage that the liver may have to deal with. Maybe that is why they work. The ones that I have found effective for this are red raspberry tea capsules, green coffee bean capsules and garcinia cambogia. If you are having trouble with your liver, you might want to ask your health practitioner if taking these will be of some benefit. Maybe they will say it can do no harm and you can give it a try.

When someone needs a liver transplant, they take a corner of a healthy liver and cut off a piece of the damaged liver and replace it with the healthy liver. The healthy corner-piece of liver regenerates the whole organ. Since the liver tissue regenerates so quickly, here is a technique that may be helpful.

In contemplation, imagine snipping off a corner of your Liver and replacing it with a corner of your liver from when you were very young. Visualize the young liver regenerating your whole liver. Alternatively, you can visualize overlaying your healthy liver from when you were very young, onto the older liver. Visualize the old liver dissolving away and being replaced by the young healthy liver.

You can do this with every organ and aspect of your body. See how it makes you feel. Maybe you will be turning the clock back for your body.

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