Regain Yourself

You know that way in which you deny yourself? You dismiss your wants and needs as unimportant. Who taught you to do that? How many lifetimes of deprivation did you endure? Was it lifetimes of betrayal that taught you not to trust? Were you abandoned and told you did not deserve to be loved? Did you attract experiences in this lifetime to reinforce those beliefs? When are you going to challenge them? When are you going to recognize them as untrue?

Soul itself is a pure spark of love and wonderment, enthusiasm and joy. If you are not living that, then your experiences left an impression on you. When are you going to regain yourself by challenging every unworthy inclination about yourself? When are you going to undo the programming which you alone can undo? When are you going to stop waiting for a lover, hero or savior to come along and rectify lifetimes of neglect?

You are the greatest wonderment you can contribute to the world. When you pour Love into yourself, you pour it into the world. When you see your beauty and kindness reflected in all others, you will realize what a gift you are and how your acceptance and appreciation of yourself reflects into a kinder happier world.

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